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Lior4060d ago

Wait wait wait why make this when there's mod nation racers that did crap

doctorstrange4060d ago

But then again LBP rocks, so I don't care :D

Abash4060d ago

I love the LBP series so I'll definitely be getting this

sikbeta4060d ago

It's not bizarre, it's common sense applied way too late, they could have done this right after LBP1, but SCE went with this unkown new IP called Modnation Racers that totally floped and now they're releasing this game that maybe can be more successful than Modnation

Sevir4060d ago

United Front Games and Sony SD make Modnation Racers for the Vita! Some how you fans amaze me at how assume what's profitable for a company! If MNR was that big of a flop it most certainly wouldn't be supported. It has a dedicated fanbase, over 5 million UGC to dated uploaded! And the Vita edition looks poised to take care of that content day one. All they are doing is bringing The LBP brand to another genre. Much the way Mario has hon from platforming to RPG, to fighting to party game, to racing and sports. It won't be long before MNR follows suit.

Dee_914059d ago

Rule#1 of N4G community
Assume everything before you get any information on anything.

Theres hundreds of things lbp cart racing can do differently than mnr. But ofcourse being part of the n4g community im just gonna assume they are basically the same thing and that the professionals over at sony will release 2 same games with different names as if they do that often.

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metsgaming4060d ago

bc modnations controls were terrible plus the constant need to drift and massive loadtimes. Glad they are giving a kart game another chance. Im not super excited after modnation making me weary but it could be amazing. No floaty cart controls !!!!!!

hellzsupernova4060d ago

lol my kart is floating not jumping through the air is going to show up as a negative for 90% of the reviews lol

smashcrashbash4060d ago

Okay first of all MNR was not crap. It was a flawed game that was a lot of fun. Second of all what does that have to do with anything? MNR was not made by Media Molecule so what does that have to do with them? If they want to make a cart game, why can't they give it a try? Is there some law that says you can't have more then one type of game on a single system? They might do it better then MNR.

Heartnet4060d ago

It matters because theres already a cart game in which you can create things etc...

So what can LBP bring thats any different? and if thats the case then why bother?

Only so much you can do with this kind of game by these kinds of developers and much of it has already been done to a decent standard. Only thing they can do is make the driving better and they cant make it to realistic otherwise would be wrong in the lbp universe

gta28004060d ago


I guess by that logic no one should make any more shooters since there's Call of Duty.

RedDead4060d ago

I thought MNracers was Lbp racer. Honestly I thought it was it without Sackboy.

John Kratos4060d ago

Probably because the LBP brand is way stronger than the Modnation Racers one. So if Sony wanted to do another carting game they decided it would probably be more easy to sell a LBP, at least that's what I think.

GraveLord4060d ago

That's what I was thinking......

NukaCola4060d ago

Mod Racer had decent gameplay but limited weapons and the track creator was ok at best. The Kart and character Creator was unbelievable though. What I imagine with LBPKR is so much more. The ability to pretty much create any type of Kart racer. Drive a Kart onto water and it becomes a boat, or launch buggy Karts and race on the moon. The weapons are going to be insane. Imagine shooting a giant carrot that explodes into bunnies, or drop spike strip traps behind you that are made of springs sending them flying. The level of creativity in LBP always surpassed MNR and I see this so Day one it is for me.

DoomeDx4060d ago

Everybody is talking like ''HEY SONY ALREADY HAS A KART GAME! Called MODNATION RACERS!"

So 200 FPS games which are all pretty much the same, is not an issue?

Lior4060d ago

but whats the point you dont see mario cart and nintendo making a competitor for that series do u

NukaCola4060d ago

@ Lior

Well Nintendo did have Diddy Kart Racing. Good game and I thought they should do another.

I kind of wish Nintendo would make Party/MP titles use all the Nintty characters. It's always Mario related (other than Smash Bros) I would love to have Link in a Mario Party, or Samus in Mario Golf.

Ravenor4059d ago

@ NukaCola

Diddy Kong Racing was published by Rare, MNR and LBPK are more then likely both going to be published by Sony.

LolololRumz4060d ago

This could be really interesting, I think it's quite good to give Modnation some competition

StraightPath4060d ago

clone of wii mote
clone of wii add ons
clone of super smashs brothers incoming
clone of super mario kart incoming

sony you will never touch nintendo quality give it up.

Adityac4060d ago

*Cough* Fanboy *Cough* You see, Sony officially had permission for the Playstation Move, they even admitted it themselves that - Yes, we ARE copying the Wii Remote, but we are improving and enhancing it, The Move turned out to be way better than the Wii Remote. Playstation Move is what the Wii should have been, with a LOT better graphics and innovation.

sinncross4059d ago

Im pretty sure this is not only developed by United Front, but is MNR just with a new theme attached, that being LBP.

LBP is more marketable I guess, not a bad idea either.

I am just moe concerned that one of the ingame screenshots onlt shows 2 player split-screen: I hope there is 4.

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Wenis4060d ago

First Sony Smash Bros. and now LittleBigplanet karting. I wonder whats next. Super God of War Galaxy?

admiralthrawn874060d ago


Resistance: Prime

The Legend of Drake

Max Power4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

I believe "The Legend of Drake" is going to be rated AO.

dboyman4060d ago

When I read "The Legend of Drake", an image of Drake dressed up in the iconic green garb Link wears just popped into my mind! LOL. And who who would Sully be? Elena? Chloe? Charlie?

ksa-sh8sh8b84060d ago

there is 100000 shooter and that is normal
but 2 karting games is wrong

PirateThom4060d ago

Yes, yes, Nintendo invented all games. We know...


pain777pas4060d ago

Who are the characters from Modnation? That was the problem with Modnation racers. CTR play create share would have sold boat loads of copies. The slate for the game was too clean. The game needed an avatar both male and female to build off of. The game was cool but it lacked that soul the LBP has in spades because of the avatar character sackboy.

LolololRumz4060d ago

I can bet the tracks from CTR will be created by the LBP community, the levels I've seen from them have been amazing

josephayal4060d ago

More games more Exclusives only on PS-V

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