Top Ten Underrated Kart Racers

Phil writes, "The kart racer is my preferred type of racing experience. Everything from fantastical racing locales and tracks to item combat is what I like in my racing games. When you have colorful tracks, whimsical characters, and wacky items, you have a game I'll probably enjoy. This top ten list is dedicated to kart racers, but not the ones you'd probably think of first when the words "kart racer" come to mind. No, these games are ones that don't get as much credit, which I think is as great as a flat tire on the final lap. With this list of my ten favorite underrated kart racers, it's my hope that getting the word out on these games might give these games some of the attention that they truly deserve."

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PixelGateUk1089d ago

Crash Team Racing on the Playstation was always my guilty pleasure. Playing as Tiny ^%^

Yi-Long1088d ago

Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing Transformed is great, and I really hope they bring out a new game in that series.

I also liked Modnation Racing, but the DLC-greed kinda ruined it for me.

Saelyn1088d ago

Agreed I loved Sonic & Sega it was really fun which kind of surprised me.

Skate-AK1088d ago

DLC doesn't bother me when there are millions of community creations.

Yi-Long1088d ago

@Skate: it prevented me from buying the game until it was HEAVILY discounted (3 euro new), and I was very interested in creating tracks, but because the kinda levels I wanted to make (Asian & City inspired) were in the DLC, which I never bought, I couldn't be bothered TBH.

I wish they would have just released a complete/GOTY edition, but they never did. I did really like the gameplay and visuals though.

DARKKENT1088d ago

Diddy kong racing was my favourite

Different vehicles and a story mode

Rare was on fire black in the day... Sigh

XisThatKid1088d ago (Edited 1088d ago )

I'm just ganna say I'm playing ModNation Racers on PS3 at very least a weekly with friends. Must play especially for a kart racer that didn't need a pre-existing franchise to be be good

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XanderZane1088d ago

CTR and Sonic SEGA All-Star Racing Tranformed are probably 2 of the best kart racing games I've ever played. Mario Kart is always great. I didn't care much for ModNation Racing. It wasn't deep enough. Never tried the "Road Trip" version though, so maybe that one was better.

TXIDarkAvenger1088d ago

I was really surprised with Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing. It definitely gave me that Mario Kart fix I wanted on PC. I do hope they make another one.

MCTJim1088d ago

Steam had/has all the sonic and sonic racing on sale now for like 3 bucks each, I just bought Sonic CD game for 2 bucks.

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