A Look at How Well the Vita Works as a Portable PS3

VGChartz's Adam Cartwright: "As the Vita provides a brilliant portable legacy experience for Sony’s other two home consoles (PS1 and PS2), I decided to focus this article on the next in line – the PlayStation 3. Unlike its predecessors, the PS3 far outpaces Vita in terms of power, on top of being built on an extremely unique architecture which meant porting between the two wasn’t as straightforward as it could have been. Still, thanks to engine compatibility and some brilliant efforts from developers, the two consoles shared numerous pieces of software and, where this wasn’t possible, others sought to provide bespoke experiences instead. Altogether this means that the Vita does a pretty good job at providing a portable PS3 experience."

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FallenAngel19841061d ago

“Sony may have advertised Vita as ‘console quality on the go’, which irritated many buyers due to games with reduced framerates and graphical elements being released“

Why would some people complain about that then but praise the Switch now for doing the same thing?

“The PS3 might not be remembered as Sony’s finest hour in gaming”

I and many others see PS3 as Sony’s best console

Neonridr1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

The Switch still offers the same game though. Sure in docked mode the game may have run at a higher resolution or framerate, but the game was still the same in terms of content. Most Vita games were altered from any console equivalents (unless they were smaller indie titles). Look at Call of Duty for example, which made a horrible transition and this was a game that they bundled with the Vita and tried to promote. That's not to say there weren't some great titles on Vita though. Killzone and Uncharted were great and closely mirrored the console games while offering a new story.

Razmiran1060d ago

I remember the early fps hype on the vita was murdered after a few botch jobs (Borderlands, Call of duty, Resistance) which helped put some nails on the "Portable triple A" coffin
Killzone Mercenary was awesome tho

EddieNX 1060d ago

The Switch is doing a much better job of delivering on that premise perhaps?

InKnight7s1060d ago

Because Switch is much larger device + a gen years later device, and despite of that the gap isn't that much.

Bruh1060d ago

The PS3 was the most revolutionary console of its time, Blu Ray, built in WiFi, bluetooth for its accessories, the Cell

It was a multi-media powerhouse

SierraGuy1060d ago

Same ... anyone who disagrees is confused. bring up COD at least that game made it to Vita. We still have yet to see it on Switch I might remind you.

When developers are asked if COD would make it to Switch...they laugh... because it's funny.

Neonridr1060d ago

but look at Doom and Wolfenstein 2 for example. Those games are identical. Sure some sacrifices to resolution or framerate had to be made, but it's still the same game. That was my point. No larger studio games made the transition over to the Vita and remained the same, they were usually stripped down versions much like Wii versions of games compared to the 360/PS3 at the time.

Razmiran1059d ago

That pitiful CoD game on vita was pure trash, you cant even use it as an "At least"

TekoIie1060d ago (Edited 1060d ago )

"Why would some people complain about that then but praise the Switch now for doing the same thing?"

Because the Vita never delivered whereas the Switch delivered day 1. BotW was easily big budget AAA console quality and seeing as it won GOTY it's clear that it succeeded. If we look back at the Vitas initial games from Sony like Uncharted they felt like discount versions of the prior releases in the franchise. BotW stands alongside the top releases in it's franchise. There's a clear difference there.

The Switch is doing the same thing but succeeding. That's why it gets a pass. There were a few gems on the Vita but they were so few and far between that they couldn't be impactful and help the system grow.

TekoIie1059d ago (Edited 1059d ago )


Then refute what I wrote. List all the games that are comparable to a big budget AAA game that would release on the PS3 and how they helped the Vita sell.

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WhyWai881060d ago

I heard comment that the unused port on Vita was originally planned for Vita TV function.
But Sony decided to take it out and release a separated failed Vita TV...

Aww... Vita could have been the Switch, but Sony got greedy and worried Vita will capitalize on PS4 market...