Looking Back At the Most Underrated Handheld Systems

Why didn't the PS Vita get more love again?

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darthv7241d ago

Not sure if the Nomad and Express should be on this list. Meaning that while they were portable, they didn't have their own games and instead relied on the same games the console hardware used. Neo Geo pocket, Lynx, Vita... those are dedicated handhelds with their own software library.

If criteria is simply to just allow for handheld gaming then the supaboy should be on there as well.

cthulhucultist40d ago

While that is true, Nomad was an amazing handheld which I greatly enjoyed, and holds a special place in my heart.

I would definitely include it in this list.

I remember connecting it to my tv and playing Vector Man and Comix Zone and I was astounded by the fact that this was a handheld device

TheEnigma31340d ago

The Nomad should have never been made, that big cartridge on the back. Sega was throwing out money. I thought the Lynx was solid. I never knew about the Turbo express though