PixelJunk: Eden Review (PC)

The PixelJunk series has been floating around the PSN for years now. Each considerably different from the last in every way imaginable, the series has averaged mediocre reviews, yet has continued to spawn more titles on top of expansions for previous entries. The third title, PixelJunk Eden, is the first to branch out of Sony territory to hit PCs via Steam, but what makes this particular game worthy to make that jump over it’s relatives?

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ShadyDevil3185d ago

Surprised, thought it would have made a good transition from PSN to PC.

ikkokucrisis3185d ago

This game brought me great joy when I bought it a few years ago. Its a throwback 2D casual style game. don't expect it to blow your mind, but its worth $5 and a few days of your time :)