Skyrim 1.4 Patch Has Been Delivered To Sony

Bethesda announced yesterday that they have delivered the long-awaited 1.4 update for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to Sony for approval.

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Ares84HU3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Really??? It should have been done a long time ago. In fact, the game should have been shipped without these issues.

I already got platinum in this game so it's kind of late for me.

Pintheshadows3632d ago

Agreed. It took them 3 months for jebus sakes.

Xwow20083632d ago

The lag in ps3 skyrim just shows how bethesda debug team and beta testers failed in delivering quality game.

cemelc3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Actually with the magnitude of bugs this game has im pretty sure they alredy knew before release what they where shipping.

No point in blaming the tester cos im pretty sure they turn a blind eye on them.

Edit: As a matter of fact now that i remember they shipped the ps3 version to sites like ign after the other two versions so...

reynod3632d ago

I wonder if developers even test games these days before releasing lol. Terrible.

TopDudeMan3632d ago

They don't have to if we're going to pay to test it for them.

Derekvinyard133632d ago

is this patch even going to fix the lag?? i dont see it being fixed. it seems like this is a huge problem that needed to be fixed sometime when the game wasent out yet

Wedge10823632d ago

I agree. It says it will fix it, but I have big doubts.

MariaHelFutura3632d ago

You can't enjoy a game after a platinum?

Ares84HU3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

I can. I just spent 120hours playing (and the loading screen easily doubles that time) it and I'm kind of ready for something else. I still got AC:R and Batman A.C. from last year to even start so there are other games to play too.

zeddy3632d ago

bout time i aint put that disc in for a month.

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arnyftw3632d ago

Hopefully its been delivered to ms as well, I hope this solves the lag on ps3 cuz I really want some dlc. I ran out of stuff to do at level 38 and I want to 1000G, cant be bothered to boost my skills so im just gonna wait till DLC.

Pushagree3632d ago

What?! They said that they did that last week. What a load of crap. This patch has been out on pc for weeks and it should have been on ps3 FIRST.

reynod3632d ago

PC is an open platform hence doesnt require any validation. On console any patch much be first validated by MS or Sony before the patch can go live, hence its only natural PC gets patches first.

Pushagree3632d ago

What does pc even need the patch for? Most of you guys have mods and 1 billion terabyes of ram so you should not have performance issues. Give it to the consoles that need it first!

h311rais3r3632d ago

Oh my god he JUST said the patch needs to be approved by Sony and microsoft! Don't you read?!

Incipio3632d ago

Is the stuttering fixed? Are the freezes fixed? That's all I care about.

moosehound3632d ago

Yes, this patch is supposed to address the lag issues.... We'll see though...

KiWi17113632d ago

I really hope this is the fix that the PS3 Version seriously needs. As much as I enjoy Bethesda titles, I think this is the last time I purchase one of their games on release.

Having to wait 3~6 months after purchase until they fix the glaring issues with each of their games to make it more tolerable in long sit-down sessions has worn me out. This PS3 issue is something they should have ironed out in development, or gave people the heads up so we knew what we were getting ourselves into with the PS3 version.

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