Loot Ninja's High Velocity Bowling Review

Loot Ninja are big bowling fans. Laugh it up, but they am. League bowler and all. So when a new bowling game drops, they're all over it. High Velocity Bowling, downloadable from the PlayStation Store, is one of the deepest bowling titles they've ever played. Combining the deep bowling gameplay with a comedic style isn't the easiest of tasks, but this game pulls it off fairly well. Here is a breakdown of some of the facets of High Velocity Bowling for the PS3.

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taz80804733d ago

Bowling + viking hat = good times!

EZCheez4733d ago

This game is awesome when you've had a few drinks. I think one of my controller's SIXAXIS funtions don't work too well though. Sometimes we have to wave our arms like idiots just to get any reaction from the game, and it's only with that controller.

I wish the PS Store had demos of games like this so others could try it out. They'd sell a lot more of this game if people were able to try it out before paying.

drunkpandas4733d ago

Yeah, demos would be key. I saw an interview with Eric Lempel, director of the PSN, who said they don't force developers to make demos for downloadable titles. But for any Sony first party stuff, I would expect a demo, and we aren't really getting that.

Omegasyde4733d ago

Hey EZ does your wife like this game? Mine does. So we will have to trade spouses later on sometime. Sorry :)

Edit: Strike IMHO are way too hard to get in this game. I put the right amount of spin and only get a strike 1/20 times. Perhaps I just suck at life?

Also HVB doe not need a demo, trust me. The game is the 2nd best PSN games right after warhawk. Its even 4 players like warhawk.

360sucks4733d ago

its only $10
great reviews
sh!t the game is great

drunkpandas4733d ago

You're right, it's only $10. But a lot of people aren't going to throw down $10 for a game that they have no idea about. This is especially true from the casual gaming perspective

Fresh4733d ago

Is by far one of the best PSN titles available!

I really had a blast playing it,so worth the $10.

drunkpandas4733d ago

I just wish the game had online play. I'd love to play more than just the AI.

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The story is too old to be commented.