Kingdom Under Fire Returns on 360

Phantamgram Entertainment's Ninety-Nine Nights, despite the collaboration with Tetsuya Mizuguchi and his music group at Q Entertainment, wasn't received well as Xbox 360's first-party answer to Dynasty Warriors. The company's not giving up on the genre, however, having enlisted BLUESIDE, a studio comprised of "core members" from the original KUF team, for another sequel.

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom will actually ditch the strategy elements of the previous games, in favor of a strictly action RPG approach. Additionally, BLUESIDE promises randomly generated landscapes and dungeons and a storyline that link Circle of Doom to the previous KUF games. The game's lineup of heroes is comprised of characters from the series.

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PS360WII5850d ago

So I'm sure I will enjoy this game too

omansteveo5849d ago

Yeah i like the first Kingdom Under Fire....the second eeehhhhh not so much i hope this ones better