Wii Is Still The Champ, But PS3 Sales Gaining

One year after its official launch in US, Nintendo Wii is hotter than ever and it could be a serious candidate for the title of "Most Wanted Gadget For Christmas".

Even Nintendo officials are surprised by the strong demand. Last month Nintendo sold 981,000 Wiis only in US and currently the company produces 1,8 million units per month.

Finally, after a series of bad months, the sales of PS3 are kicking off. Since Sony has slashed the price and unveiled new versions, PS3 outsold Nintendo Wii in Japan in November, while in US Sony's gaming console reached 466,000 units sold.

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HarryEtTubMan4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

In reality.... the PS3 is just now launched with a 7.5 million console start... a big gmaes libaray at a 400$ price and 9 more years to go. Its gonna win

HAHAHA Its the truth. PS3 is gonna win... at least beat the 360... and EASILY

ChickeyCantor4735d ago

take that reality and shove it up your a$$, just take the real reality and admit its been selling crappy in the beginning.

and whats wrong with these articles? lets all just wait and see how it goes!

all these stories are duplicates, they are just written differently.

Maddens Raiders4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

a little defensive there, eh? You tjhink those "slow sales" of the PS3 were due to a hefty price tag and dimunitive games library? Now that, that is changing, (look at the numbers) who is to say this isn't like a legitimate re-launch with the public more informed about the system's prowess and it's games and obviously happier w/ the pricepoint? Don't hate Sidar. 8D

lynx1halo4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

A Wii STORY AND SIDAR (defender of the Wii Galaxy) HAPPENS TO SHOW UP..........WHAT A SHOCKER!!!!!!! ........

I swear all it needs to have is Wii in the TITLE and he is all over it in a heartbeat LOL ..(Must Protect my NINTENDOS HONOR) LOL

DARKKNIGHT4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

ummmmmmmmmm y all the hate in n4g? alot of you guys are like fatslobs fighting for the last cheeseburger.

just buy what u want, and dont worry what other people like or say.

why the disagrees? does it not make sense to enjoy the choices you make, instead of fighting online over personal opinions?

ChickeyCantor4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

i didn't say anything bad about the PS3 nor was i defending the Wii, i was simply stating the reality the PS3 had bad sales in the beginning.

did you see me badmouth the ps3 in anyway?
are you telling me the PS3 wasn't selling bad in the beginning?
then you are just in denial.

I didnt even say anything about the PS3 in the future, damn you fanboys are on crack. ive said it before i do not care if the Wii loses, so take your "" Now that, that is changing, (look at the numbers) " and shove them up your a$$ madden."

i do not hate the PS3, there is no reason, unlike you who hate the Wii.

i might be one of the few here owning a PS3 360 and a Wii ~2008. so one bubble man go HANG YOURSELF.

"You tjhink those "slow sales" of the PS3 were due to a hefty price tag and dimunitive games library? Now that, that is changing"

you sure are on crack madden, i have no idea where you got that piece of information i didnt mentioned anything about the game library.

IntelligentAj4735d ago

Bad sales by what measure? 5.5 million in it's 1st year for $500 and not too many games that appealed to the market. I would say that pretty good. Wouldn't you?

ChickeyCantor4735d ago

if you consider how big the fanbase of the PS2 is you would expect more sales.
so no i do not think its that great, i actually thought that it would sell so fast that it would be a new world record.

but somehow im insulting people with this =/.

DARKKNIGHT4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

im just saying the obvious thats all.

all this you guys argue about makes no sense in the end.
everyconsole has its ups and downs and specific uses or functions.

theres practically a console in the market for everyones needs and tastes if you think about it.

all this time wasted arguing online is pointless and you can never get back.ever
Wouldnt you rather be using this time playing your favorite game online or jumping around with a wiimote? I would!!!

we all have different tastes, and thats ok. its pretty silly to bash what others like because they dont agree with your choices.
just seems that some members here only join to argue or piss others guys are killing this site.

just stop and think before you post such flamebait, acting like online-nazis is not a great way to portray the gaming community.

ChickeyCantor4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

this site is already wasted, biased comments coming from everywhere.
if i would say i think exactly like you then i would be illogical...because of my previous posts. so i'm not going to argue that with you.
but still i do think in the same direction.

the only reason i responded to HarrEy, is because " In reality.... the PS3 is just now launched with a 7.5 million console start... " didn't made sense to me so i responded.

maybe in a harse way but still, thats me, cant deny that fact.
And i actually didn't bash anyone on their preferences, MAdden and Lynx attacked me because they thought i was bashing the PS3 while i was just being a bit realistic, with no bashing intended.

and because fanboys thought that i was attacking their consoles i lost a bubble and a nother guy ignored me =D.....ZING

btw BUBS up+agree

DARKKNIGHT4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

k. i completely understand what u mean.

i think we share the same views on the bottom line.

this site should be about gaming, not flaming....news4gamers NOT news4flamers.

discussing sales and percentages brings nothing to the table as gamers but arguments. Unless your a company exec, but i dont see a company exec spending time or even worse, fighting on a gaming site. going out, buying and playing your favorite games is a much better way to spend your time.

bubbles 4 u too.

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Bill Gates4735d ago

As much as I love what the big "N" has done for gaming, I must say, enjoy it while it lasts Nintendo because I really believe that the Wii won't have another xmass like 07.

ShietBox360 sales are in decline.
Every year the 360 sells LESS, and LESS.....AAHAHAHHAHHAH

LanRanger4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

The Xbox 360 sold ~5.6m its first year. It sold ~7.6m its second year. How is that less and less?

Jinxstar4735d ago

Guh. Anyone else tired of these. "Analyst thinks" or "Possible change" or "future appears bright for X console" articles... Or even the "X console sells well in Greenland! 15 consoles this week!"... Probably just me but I just want to see new games and such... Trailers. Reviews from decent reputable sites... Anyway Ima stop ranting now...

mighty_douche4735d ago

lol.... its not just you dude.

Still, it will never end, sales figures are now the closest fanboys come to having some form of "personal success".

Jinxstar4735d ago

I guess. Personally I have great games on all my consoles(PS3, 360, Wii). And more coming on all of them as well. Why do I care about sales when its about games... I hope when both consoles are in the 20 mil this kinda stuff will stop... If both make it there anyway. They should cause they both have potential (Excluding wii cause we all know what it is and it will most def make the 20 mil mark)

sajj3164735d ago

Going into this console war, Nintendo's intent was to not compete with the 360 and the PS3. I guess that was just a cautious statement before the Wii release. The Wii admitedly is doing different things. Hardcore gamers love to hate it (it seems) because it taps into 360 and PS3 sales. Give me a Wii HD and I'm in. Until then, I can't bare to watch SD visuals on an HD screen.

Maddens Raiders4735d ago

glad to see that wonderful avatar is back on the prowl. Cheers to old times!

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