Black-Box Studio at risk.

EA has confirmed that a number of staff at the Canadian studio responsible for Need For Speed: The Run and FIFA 12, among other titles, have been made redundant.

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nix4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

that's sad even though the game wasn't that great.

DeadlyFire4021d ago

Not sad at all for me. I stayed far away from The Run. Sure its on Frostbite I assume, but still everything I looked at made the game seem oddball and out of place. Criterion is the only studio worthy of Need for Speed I believe.

tachy0n4021d ago

lol, the bad thing about criterion is that they make need for speed on a burnout style... which gets need for speed off its roots..

criterion should back off need for speed and start developing the next burnout!

DeadlyFire4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

I don't know. They did quite well with Hot Pursuit considering it was their first attempt. Its not bad at all. Scored well, plays well, a few flaws, but nothing is flawless these days.

Still I do agree they should make another Burnout. There are rumors of BLACK 2 by Criterion now. If thats true I wouldn't mind that. It would be nice to see Burnout, Hot Pursuit, BLACK in rotation. All great series. All deserving of another title at some point. Hopefully to evolve gameplay some more. :)