Burnout Paradise XBOX 360 vs PS3 comparison

Which version looks more heavenly?

We took both versions of Burnout Paradise for a joyride around the city today to give them a proper comparison side by side. Being the generous souls that we are, we naturally recorded our games so that you guys could share in our findings.

Both games look brilliant. It would take a black hearted swine indeed to deny that. But we can't help feeling that while the Xbox 360 version is perhaps slightly more vibrant, the PS3 edition takes the lead in in terms of looking noticably a bit smoother and softer. Take a look at the video below and see what you think. Which one looks more drool-worthy to you?

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Amp4736d ago

everybody is a winner!! happy holidays to all, and hey, play nice

TheSadTruth4735d ago

more like everybody is a loser

this game is ugly as sin on both consoles, I feel sorry for whoever picks this game up

mesh14735d ago

playedthe game and yes its crap

InMyOpinion4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

Is it any different from the other games in the series or are the changes purely cosmetic? It sure looks pretty much like the last games. If the hook is just graphics and an "open" environment I'm not sure about this one. Nice that both versions look good though.

Kr1554735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

This game is excellent. Sure the grafixs arn't hyper realistic like forza or GT5 Prologue. they go for a more over the top look. but the crash physics are incredible (only played the ps3 version.) There were a few times I wrecked and my jaw dropped after my car smashed to the sized of a geo metro in slow motion then flipped end over end down the highway spewing debris all over the place.

Multi player is also incredible. You can jump into freeburn. invite your friends or even open a public game. The multi player lets you play free burn with other people. you can set up challenges that actually encourages people to talk to each other and cooperate. It's so open that a few of us even threw together an adhoc race down I88. It's like a multi player race/stunt car playground.

InMyOpinion4735d ago

Read my question again...slowly.

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PimpHandHappy4736d ago

Burnout will rule for both systems. I would rather have the smoother running game but then again who is to say anything this guy thinks is even right

lets just wait for the gamers to get playing it

power of Green 4736d ago

They're talking about visually. Can't see a dam difference in anything but the color vibrance.

athlon7704735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

I downloaded both and had 3 other guys around me and we all agree, they look the same except for the color depth, the 360 def has deeper colors, but the PS3 is no slouch either. If it were not for the swithing from input 1 to input 2, you would not have noticed.

Interesting side note, if anyone else downloaded it on the 360, did you notice any stutters? Not alot, along the lines of smooth, smooth, smooth, stutter, smooth, smooth, smooth, smooth, smooth, stutter?

just re-read my post and before I get a bunch of dissagrees, I just got my 360 elite back from repair so I am looking at everything with very watchful eyes, and noticed the small stuttering issue, so to be clear, I am not bringing up the stutting issue to start anything, but I want to know if it is just my machine (which I will contact MS again) or if anyone else is noticing it. Thanks.

Danja4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

here we go again...well both versions will be good..

as long as the PS3 version is good..and sine the demo is so much freakin fun and it's only a hint of what's to happy...

but um they look the same..but based off other comparison videos the PS3 runs a little smoother and looks a little sharper....this is not based off this talking to the "phantom dis-agreers"

power of Green 4736d ago

Can't tell the differnce matter of fact if you pay attention the only difference is the 360 footage is way more pixelated from lower quality video and slightly more vibrant due to the hardware.

TheSadTruth4735d ago

the ps3 version is much smoother and its shading is slightly better

the grass also seemed to flow better and the overall game seems much more crisp on the PS3

Not to mention it was a lot silkier in addition to being smoother, the Xbox version seemed to run at 29.96 fps and fluctuated while the PS3 appeared to be at a solid 30 fps and much crisper too
also it looked a lot sharper for some reason, the xbox version seemed kind of dull and had no anti aliasing which makes it kinda ugly looking
The ps3 version is the one to get guys!

PL47Y 83Y0NV

Bombomb4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

after stating this,

"more like everybody is a loser this game is ugly as sin on both consoles, I feel sorry for whoever picks this game up"

You expect people to take you serious and now praise the PS3 version with the fanboy comment..right

Kleptic4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

yeah its pretty amusing how there are several 360 fanboys in here that are very quick to hail their attatch rates and how they buy every game put on shelves...and make huge deals out of relatively average games that are superior on the 360 for whatever reason (i.e. VF5...although you guys still barely bought it)...

yet when they are equal on both consoles...the game sucks...

please inform me of what arcade'ish racing game has anything on this that is available for the 360...PGR4? guys think this doesn't look as good as PGR4, or doesn't have the online abilities? guys like Dirt more?...I am really interested in hearing what you come up with on how this game isn't worthy of your attatch rates...its better than most of the racing games available on the 360, only exception being Forza 2...which is completely different...

You guys can't say this game is crap...You have nothing that completely destroys it in the first place...comparing it to the 360's racing library puts it right up there in the top 3...I think some of you got too hooked on Fatal Intertia, and are under the impression that everything compared to PGR4 is that bad...

its the same for the PS3...only racing game that visaully beats it on the PS3 is Motorstorm...and as fun as Motorstorm is online, it still can't touch of the scale of Paradise...

I will admit though...there better be the ability to make that radio host shut the feck up in the final game...gheyest announcer...ever...

poopface14735d ago

I can tell cause you hate me for having a 360. I will probaly get this game as burnout 3 and 4 were some of my favorites for xbox1. the anouncer was horribly gay, and There already was an option to turn him off, in burnout 3 anyways.

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PimpHandHappy4736d ago

its like screen shot debates

a waste of time and a huge waste of your life

just enjoy the game and stop looking for a ONE UP on the other guys. Its stupid.

When this game is released and all the game sites get reviews out for it we will know what the gamers think. till then play the demo because it is the best demo ever on the PS3

Rikitatsu4736d ago

Both Xbox and PS3 owners are happy , No Need For Another BS

TheHater4735d ago

could't agree more.
And why they hell are they comparing they demo for the game. Do they need hits on their website that bad?