Retailers predict Xbox 360 console war victory

In a recent survey conducted by trade paper MCV which questioned 100 independent videogames shops, the Xbox 360 consoles emerged as the favorite to win the console war.

Despite the Wii console topping monthly sales figures over and over again, sometimes by a large margin, only 16% of the voters in this survey believed it could win the war. About 49% believed that the Xbox 360 had the best chances of winning, followed by a 35% vote of confidence in the PS3.

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Liar4734d ago

The Sony trolls are going to have one hell of a hissy fit now.

Mu5afir4734d ago

I mean, it's not like it's a POLL... I am assuming Europe / Japan / Others were left out of this POLL. And yet the Wii is the top console on the market, and the Ps3 is catching up. What ya know?

chitown4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

who the hell is this kid anyway?

pathetic i hate how these polls can just proclaim who they think is going to win the war without any concrete evidence. half the time theyre just trying to get traffic site and start flame wars

BTW the 360 better watch its back the ps3 is starting gain serious steam with all the AAA games comin out

Ureval4733d ago

OK so for like the past few weeks since I got on this site there has been one story after the next that says Microsoft will win the consoe battle, Sony is exaggerating its success, and the Wii is fun for a few minutes then gets boring.

So why the hell do people keep posting about the great PS3? I dont have a problem with the PS3, but seriously.

Stop being stupid.

TANOD4733d ago

Poll on consumers count

In Europe it is either ps3/wii . x360 doesnt even exist anywhere except UK but for how long?

what happens when GT5,MGS4,FF13 hits the scene?

Genuine4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

Your French, right? Did you know that more consoles are sold in a month in N.A. than what France has sold in 2 years? Guess where the 360 is alot more popular than ps3? That's right, N.A. Ps3 isn't gaining steam in N.A., it's losing it.

My theory is that english speaking gamers enjoy playing online with other english speaking gamers. Ever noticed how anywhere that english is the native language 360 hammers the ps3? No wonder the ps3 didn't come with a head set for voice chat, because your not able to communicate with 9 out of 10 of the people you play with anyway.

@Salgoods comment below

This is an easy one to explain. If your in school in the U.S. and your not playing Halo, then your not part of the "in" crowd. As far as sales, if you haven't noticed 360 has trampled the ps3 in sales every single month since launch. The Nov ps3 sales are nothing more than the normal holiday boost. And in case you didn't notice, 360 still sold a little more than 300,000 over the ps3.

salgoods4733d ago

ps3 not gaining any ground in NA? i think you need to check npd the last several months. the 360 once had a 4:1 lead in NA. now its at 1.8:1.

someone's got some splaining to do lucy

InMyOpinion4733d ago

6 frustrated trolls and counting.

Pain4733d ago

cuz its not like it selling 'MORE' in the rest of the World, And World i mean as in the other chunk of
the planet thats not part of America........

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INehalemEXI4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

Still early watch those prediction %'s change as time goes on. Good luck to all and may the best console win.

As Game Library's are now those #'s make sense Yet things change.

Genuine4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

The ps3 has already lost. It is too far behind to catch the 360. Going by current numbers, if the ps3 started to outsell the 360 by 100,000 a month worldwide, it would be almost 6 years before the ps3 even managed to catch the 360. The only thing people are going to see as time goes on, is a higher % of people predicting the ps3 to lose.

It's really strange how sony fanboys keep thinking the ps3 will win. Although, the ps3 gets brutally outsold monthly in the U.S., and has proven to be an inferior game machine to the 360.

I know that sony fanboys like to toot their horn about Japanese and European ps3 sales. But isn't this going to hurt sales in countries that have English as a native language and plan on gaming online. I'm sure after playing enough games with people they can't communicate with, english speaking only gamers will switch to Xbox Live where the majority of the gamers speak english. Ever noticed how the 360 always outsells the ps3 in Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and the U.S.?

salgoods4733d ago

its entertaining that teh 360 fanboys once proclaimed the ps3 had to outsell the 360 by 500,000 a month for upteen years just to catch it.

then we witessed marty boy say well the ps3 needs to outsell the 360 by 320,000 every month for upteen years just to catch it

now we have you saying it has to outsell the 360 every month by 100,000 for upteen years just to catch it.

is it me or all those nubmers getting smaller and smaller.

i know what it must have been late to the 360 strategist meeting.

mccomber4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

the Wii is the one they say is least likely to come out on top, with the PS3 following the 360 more closely in comparison... but I'm guessing we'll see most comments poking the stick at Sony.