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"This game came out for PC, on Steam yesterday and I bought it, I’ve been playing for quite a while so that I can get a good idea of the entirety of the game for this review. The game revolves around music, you have to collect pollen as your float around an organic, plant-filled world with a unique graphic style."
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Blaine3189d ago

Haven't played the PC version, but got it on PSN when it was released. My opinion: it would have been much better if it wasn't so difficult. It's a game I wouldn't mind sitting back to and relaxing, but that's not how it turned out at all.

The controls are simple, but unforgiving. You control your "grimp"'s movements so sluggishly, that you can't correct the slightest miscalculation and then end up missing your target, only to fall *way* down the level and have to make your way slowly back up again... Did I mention it's a race against the clock? Also, on top of controls being so sluggish, the levels throw wind at you and some of them rotate too, taking away even more control from you.

Is there a demo? If the controls have been made more responsive on the PC, to the point where you can actually make your grimp go where you want it to, and can correct slight errors in trajectory, then I'd recommend buying it. Otherwise, like me, you'll realize the difficulty curve climbs very steeply and quickly reaches the point where it's not enjoyable anymore.

Razor7923189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

There isn't a demo on PC as of yet I don't think. The controls to me didn't really feel unresponsive, they feel fine with the mouse on PC. The levels I've played so far (I've only reached Garden 4 or 5) seem pretty straight forward really, I do agree about the wind though, the latest level I'm on seems to have some fairly strong wind in it and it can become pretty annoying when you constantly fall to the bottom of the map and have to make your way all the way back up.

Other than that so far the game seems quite enjoyable for short periods of time, I couldn't handle a long stretch with this game as the soundtrack would do my head in.