Home Made Portable Xbox 360 with Xbox Live

A couple of guys from America have taken it upon themselves to create an elaborate 2 man portable Xbox 360 setup, with Xbox Live.

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Blackmoses4738d ago

are you kidding me? That's about as useful as a waterproof sponge.....


killax35634737d ago

His chest must be hot with an Xbox 360 held so close (behind the lcd tv).

poopface14737d ago

I cant try couse its 85 degrees here but it really shoots out some warm air, so does my new lcd tv. that thing get hot. these guys are stupid and must be rich if thy are bringing nice tvs out side. Id feel like a total deuche if i did this to my tv. around here youd get robbed or beat up for this probaly.

gamesR4fun4738d ago

i think those kids arnt quite all there.

Rockstar4738d ago

Those straps are quite intrusive and the glare from the sun is terrible!

Anti-glare shield and straps to the back = marketing genius.

Too funny.

Bad_Karma4738d ago

think i`ll stick with a PSP or a DS

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The story is too old to be commented.