Overwhelming demand causes widespread PSP shortages

The PSP is becoming one of the hottest gifts this holiday season. And for good reason too. The slimmer, lighter and generally more awesome PSP-2000 system has reignited sales of Sony's portable, and supposedly they're becoming quite hard to find in stores. In fact, PSP systems are currently outselling DS systems on Various CAG members report:

"They are impossible to find in most stores, at least in my area." - SaraAB

"It is true about PSP selling surpringly well. I suggested either PSP core or Daxter bundle as a gift for me, and in the past couple weeks it had been generally hard to find or very quickly selling when available." - H22A

"The PSP has been OOS for a long time (Core & Daxter) both B&M & Online. I've been trying to get one for weeks (and a decent deal) and TRU, Target, BB, CC, Amazon, Walmart, Gamestop, Barnes & Noble have all been OOS and then got restocked but sold out very quickly." - J7.

"According to my favorite Gamestop manager...they can't even keep USED PSPs in stock...who knew." - loserboy

"Let me add my voice to the chorus of truth: The Daxter bundle and the piano black slim ARE hard to find this holiday season in many areas. Not bad for a "failed system" (as some bozos were saying a year or so ago)." - canedaddy

"My wife wants the slim black one, and I haven't been able to find them online or in any store." - Clobbersaurus

Wow. Who knew our little system had so much selling power? Has there ever been a better time to be a PSP fan? Those that are looking for a PSP, there is some advice from CAG members. Get the Star Wars white system. Supposedly, no one wants them, and they are easily the most readily available system.

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BubblesDAVERAGE4736d ago

I got the 2000 amazingly I have 2 psp....the fat and the slim..fat to me has better battery life..but slim has better pic and works with my mic PSP is the new revolution of gaming

socomnick4736d ago

I kinda wished sony made a true psp 2 instead of just making the first psp thinner. A psp 2 with 2 analog sticks , better graphics , and most of all much better battery life.

rofldings4736d ago

Why? The PSP still has a lot of life in it. And it already has the best graphics of any handheld.

socomnick4736d ago

It needs a second analog stick badly though. No one can argue this.

Skerj4736d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

I'll argue it, keep moving your thumb from the area where the second analog stick would be and to the face buttons and see why it's not such a good idea. 2 analog sticks are better suited for consoles because we have the extra shoulder buttons to alleviate some of the usage on the face buttons, for the PSP we only have L and R. Now they could find a way to place the analogs inside the center of the button clusters but I don't think they'd do that for the next PSP either. In any case I only found myself wanting another analog when Syphon Filter came out, that faded within 6 minutes of me learning one of the advanced control schemes.

Mycococo4736d ago

you are a dumb ssa!!!!i dont anybody would agree with you. platformer!

Skerj4736d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

Lmfao did you just call me a "dumb ssa" and a platformer wtf? You've got issues kid, and should spend less time on Live and more time reading a book.

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Charlie26884736d ago

I just checked on Amazon and apparently non of the PSP bundles are in Stock only the Daxter packs appears with stock coming the 19th

CRIMS0N_W0LF4736d ago


MK_Red4736d ago

Great to see people finally buying this great handheld. PSP definitly deserves to be in high demand unlike a popular console *cough... Wii cough*.

LanRanger4736d ago

The PSP is a great system with great games. I think it's appropriate to compare it to that underpowered, gimmicky system that had crappy, gimmicky games the first year--The Nintendo DS. The last time I checked the DS was outselling the PSP by a margin of 2-to-1. That doesn't make the PSP a failure, but it should make people realize they're fools if they underestimate the casual gamer market.

Just because the Wii largely appeals to a different kind of gamer doesn't make it any less deserving.

Bonsai12144736d ago

there are tradeoffs to the slim and non slim version.. like easy of piracy.. haha, but its good to see it selling. i might buy one when crisis core comes out.

Marceles4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

lol...yeah that's why I picked up 2. One for firmware, and another for official updates and remote play. Another weird thing is that there's PSP shortages, but plenty of DS Lites...go figure

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