Interview: Tomonobu Itagaki

Team Ninja's head ninja, Tomonobu Itagaki, was once again present and accounted for at E3 2006. GameDaily sat down with Itagaki-san to discuss how the Dead or Alive series has developed, where the series is going with DOA Xtreme 2, online fighting games, and several other all important matters. Itagaki was dressed in his usual rock star attire of black shades and a black jacket, and right before they sat down with him, he was mobbed by some of the hardcore DOA fans over at DOA Central.

Itagaki and his fellow developers at Team Ninja pushed back Dead or Alive 4 for over a month after the launch of the Xbox 360. At the Tokyo Game Show, he told GameDaily that he had been working for several days without any sleep. When they asked Itagaki what he did after DOA4 was finally completed, he informed the that he took a month off just goofing around before starting work on DOAX2.

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OutLaw6203d ago

I will love to see that game come to life on the 360. I feel the first one truly show the type of power the original xbox had. Imagine part two on the 360.

shotty6203d ago

Ninja Gaiden 1 looked so nice, now on the xbox 360 I bet Itagaki can make 1 kick ass game. The effects we so cool with the num chucks and the running on the walls.

USMChardcharger6203d ago

and with 3 cores each running at 3.2, i can only guess at the level of difficulty he could come up with.
better have a towel next to you to wipe the sweat from your hands and forehead.

DOLBY DI GA TAL pf6203d ago

NG2-360 would look like Tekken CGI in game.

silent ninja6203d ago

i hope he annouces something about ninja gaiden 2 at tgs

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