PSN Review: All Zombies Must Die ( "The only thing more played out than twin-stick shooters on PSN are including zombies in, well, anything. With dual-stick shoot-’em-up games not exactly in short supply (and more coming seemingly weekly) and the shambling undead used to undeath in movies, comic books, games, TV shows and probably breakfast cereals, feminine hygiene products and anything else you can think of, the combination of the two isn’t exactly one that should have many people leaping for joy, especially after Dead Nation, Burn Zombie Burn, Zombie Apocalypse, Dead Ops Arcade and all manner of zombie shooters covered that ground pretty extensively. Thankfully, All Zombies Must Die is a pleasant surprise, and while you might well be sick to death of shooting shuffling corpses, developer Doublesix add in just enough layered gameplay mechanics, personality and humour to help distance their game from the horde of mindless zombie shooters."

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