Team Ninja: Wii U development comparable to PS3/360, hardware always changing, DOA5 possible

Team Ninja reveals developing for Wii U is easy and is comparable to developing for PS3/360, Nintendo is listening to third-party feedback and changing the hardware, Dead or Alive 5 is possible on the console, and more.

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Shok2550d ago

"Team Ninja reveals developing for Wii U is easy and is comparable to developing for PS3/360"

Good to know. This means that devs will be able to easily port games and squeeze power out of the system since it's architecture is similar.

SpoonyRedMage2550d ago

How much do you want to bet people will twist that into "Wii U is comparable in power to PS3/360?"

...and yes it's good to know. I do hope they put DOA5 on there. Dimensions was the first DOA I played but the good thing is I'm actually more up to date than the people who only played the main ones!

Shok2550d ago

"How much do you want to bet people will twist that into "Wii U is comparable in power to PS3/360?"

Exactly what I was thinking man lol. Hopefully we see a few people say that so we can get a few laughs.

GribbleGrunger2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

this proves without doubt that the WiiU isn't any more powerful than the 360/PS3
............................. .. .............................. . .............................. . .............................. . .............................. . .......................j/k

kratos1232550d ago

to be honest guys at this moment they havent showed us anything that wowed any one so in my mind i think its like the wii ,the power of 2 gamecubes, but now the power of 2 360. And second you shouldnt blame the people for making these assumptions since nintendo chose to show the console so early on without any demos to show expect third party games

sikbeta2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

This game is going to be a port from current-gen HW so it doesn't count, really don't care what they're saying right now, unless they're making the game for Wii-U first and then port it to the others, but this is not the case, we'll need to wait at least a year for Third Parties to step up and makes with Wii-U HW in mind


Hmm... you missed the Zelda Demo right?

ShoryukenII2550d ago

When I saw the Zelda demo, my mouth dropped. It looked like CGI. It was perfect. I did not see a flaw with it and I wouldn't mind if games couldn't look any better. It was a dream.

The demo with the bird flying was also impressive. The part where the bird kicked the snow off the roof or branch was ridiculously realistic.

I don't know why people hate the WiiU so much. It is looking really good. I don't know about software but hardware is good.

What really excites me is that the WiiU will probably be the weakest console next gen. I can't wait to see what Sony has.

Kennytaur2549d ago

@ShoryukenII: The only problem with the Zelda demo is that it's all rendered in a small confined space, there's no need for streaming new assets and all the animations are pre-determined. Yes it looks great and it would be awesome if they could make a game looking that good, but it's only a show-off demo and because of that I don't find it as impressive. I think it could be done on a PS3 and possibly on a 360 too. But it does bode well for what we might possibly see coming on the console.

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Pikajew2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

That is very good. It can get a bunch of ports from this gens great games like a Bioshock collection and it can get lead development for third party games next gen because its easy to develop for

Kennytaur2549d ago

But is any of this really good though? Do you want a bunch of ports of older games for your new console, if you haven't played them before then yes. But if you have....

And having what will most likely be the weakest next-gen console as lead platform for next-gen multiplatform titles isn't really a good thing.

cervantes992550d ago

Even if Wii U is only as powerful or a little more than PS3/360 - Mario and DKC in HD will be welcome indeed.

Tanir2550d ago

isnt it obvious it would be easy? its 5 years late and is just a little bit stronger than the current consoles, its almost the same thing lol. its not a bad thing though ofcourse

2EHO2550d ago

Here we go guys.... We have one of these guys. HA!

AWBrawler2549d ago

here's an idea. why don't you take your one bubble over to a Sony only game site, hmmm?

AWBrawler2549d ago

Pro-sony, but not Sony only

Hazmat132550d ago

is there any new Wii U tech demos?

ronin4life2550d ago

There were a few at last years e3.

RedDead2549d ago

Don't believe tech demos for consoles. The original Killzone trailer was a tech demo and while the full game got impressively close in SOME area's, in was a far cry in terms of explosion effects, smoke and fire effects and facial animation, and the rest in general were a little worse(although still great). Tech demo's of Ps3 looked close to CGi quality in other words. So they shouldn't be believed.

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