First look at the Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro

Pocket Gamer: The 3DS has had a very strange first 12 months. The lack of must-have launch software and the subsequent price drop laid the ground.

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zerocrossing2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

3DS Circle Pad Pro? I still prefer calling it (Nintendo's 3DS shodaly designed second circle pad cradel perefarel!) ;D but that's just me.

-Mika-2457d ago

That thing is hideous. It doesn't even match the color of the 3ds.

NovusTerminus2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

Nintendo, the PSP came out it 2004 the main complaint was a lack of a second analog stick. now, in 2011, you do the same damn thing.

And whats worse is the "journalist", the media and the fans let them get away with it.

spongeboob2456d ago

The funny thing is if you look right under the buttons the 3DS has all the room for a second analog pad. DOH!

Sometimes you have to wonder what the designers where thinking. Thank goodness Sony listened to their fans and added the second analog stick.