Study Confirms Videogames Do Not Cause Youth Violence

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has revealed the result of two new projects, researching the link between participation in violent acts in videogames and that of real-life violence, culminating in a study that provides a compelling argument against the supposed connection. The two research projects took place in both the US and Sweden, and both drew significant results.

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fluffydelusions2452d ago

I wish I got paid to confirm ridiculous studies such as this...

Ares84HU2452d ago

The sad thing is that ridiculous studies as this are needed sadly to prove to some idiots what they say is pure speculation and just plain stupidity. Especially the 30/40+ soccer moms and dads who have no clue what a video game is.

Watch FOX News not running this at all.

kaveti66162452d ago

"The sad thing is that ridiculous studies as this are needed sadly to prove"

Studies neither prove nor disprove any claim. Studies only lend more evidence towards a particular hypotheses. There are other studies that lend evidence to the hypothesis that videogames do cause violence.

So just to be clear, studies don't PROVE anything, nor CONFIRM anything. Science is all about gathering evidence, not about PROVING anything.

And studies like this are important in eventually determining where scientists stand on this issue. More studies will need to be done to gather more evidence.

sikbeta2452d ago

Same as drugs, you can consider them a trigger though :P

Ares84HU2452d ago


Yet, studies do prove things. Many and various things. People conduct studies to prove their hypotheses all the time.

It would be more accurate to say that "not all studies prove things but some do."

So far, I haven't seen a single study that proves....or gives evidence that video games do cause a person to be more violent other than the stupid stories from Fox News which is twisted to blame video games.

kaveti66162452d ago

No, Ares.

The results of one study never constitute enough evidence to say that the claim is proven. Multiple studies must be conducted.

A long time ago, there was a study conducted by Albert Bandura (I believe that was the name) that showed children imitated violence acts they witnessed.

But the study didn't PROVE it definitively. If it had, other studies regarding the same claim would never have been conducted afterwards. There have been studies before this current one that showed video games incited aggression in teens. However, other studies have shown that video games don't.

More studies must be conducted, and refined, in order to gather more reliable evidence. Therefore, nothing is ever truly proven, merely better supported.

Dravidian2451d ago


Are you talking about the bobo doll experiment. If so, those results were weird. I can get how they came to that conclusion when all the boys were picking up guns and pretending to shoot the dolls, but I have a hard time understanding why nearly every if not every little girl straddled the doll or sat on its face and beat it with a hammer or other blunt object. Did every little girl see mommy physically beat dad/father figure/other male into submission?

And also you mentioned that several studies must be done to prove anything. Besides the TWO that were mentioned in the article, most other studies I've heard of or read have had inconclusive results or results that show no correlation. Very few actual studies say otherwise; though it seems like the researchers mentioned in the article pissed on the other results for their methodology.

In any case those results should be more than enough evidence to constitute proof. I gladly accept these results as fact in lieu of all the other article I've seen.

wallis2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

The reality is that studies don't prove anything. In fact in psychological research it's a big no-no to say that your study proves anything. All a study can ever do is give evidence in support of a hypothesis - and frankly this study confirms nothing new.

There IS a casual relationship between high consumers of violent media and high incidents of violence in real life settings, that is statistical fact, as is the relationship between heightened aggression and playing video games. However there IS NOT any evidence that allows us to see where one relationship starts and another stops. So are violent children seeking violent media or does violent media make violent children? And aggression is not equal to shooting thirty people in the head. This debate is huge - fucking huge - and the idea that an article posted on a GAMING website can confirm anything is utterly laughable.

I am thoroughly against the idea that violent video games are what make rapists and murderers but I do think that journalists who dive onto a single study and attempt to draw from it a perfect conclusion are completely and utterly retarded in every single way. Regardless of what side of the argument they're on. Articles like this are as stupid, narrow minded, misinformed, and ignorant as the anti-gaming parade that arrives in the media every year or two.

The answer to the anti-videogame debate is time. Those sad old gits who think gta is a murder simulator will one day die and then it'll be over. But please don't run around swinging crap like this because you just make us look as stupid as the other side.

Edit: oh and fluffydelusions researchers don't get paid diddly squat. I don't want to burst your equally ignorant perception of scientists running around confirming that sticking a drill up your bum hurts for a research grant of a million bucks but the reality is these guys probably slaved over a statistics program for weeks on end in the hope of passing their degree program with either no or very little pay.

thats_just_prime2451d ago

I couldnt of told them that without the study.

Hell I use to spend all day ripping people heads off with sub zero and I've yet to do it in real life

joab7772451d ago

First off, they may trigger similar chemicals to drugs, but all video games do this, nor simply violent ones. I am sure there are studies being done about video game addiction.

But I imagine that if u take ten kids from many different backgrounds and have them all play the same game for the same amount of time, the determining factors for violence will not b the video game. It will b parenting, bullying, mental issues etc. Millions and millions of kids now play these games. I think u would see quite the increase in violence if games were the cause

The Killer2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

guys, let me say something which i believe so.

i think all the studies which shows there is no connection between violent games and violent acts of those gamers are bull crap. and the reason they make such studies is to promote the making of these games so more violent people will join the american pathetic army.

and the studies which shows a connection between violent games and violent gamers are being more realistic while they could still be making some errors. it depends on the age of kids that play these games which the study were conducted on, and it depends on the environment of the kids who play violent games etc, so its not that easy to show 100% correct connection, BUT it is a fact that if kids grow on something, they tend to like that thing or wanna be like it.

so really there is no surprise that violent video games does affect the kids negatively. its only the stupid gamers that wish to think games has no effects on us. if no one believe me, then let kids play raping/sexual assault perverted games and see how they grow up compared to the kids who were not exposed so such dirty games, then u will see the results and believe me.

everything effect us! TV, games, sports, friends, music, movies! its just so stupid to say we dont get affected by what we see or hear or do.

and also to back up my claims, is the fact that shooting games are the top gender in this generation and is realistic and taking place in the conflict areas. this is not happening by chance i believe.

if u guys cant make the link between americans foreign policy and their wars and the media and entertainment industry in USA then u will have to take the red pill to wake up.

Hayabusa 1172451d ago


"There IS a casual relationship between high consumers of violent media and high incidents of violence in real life settings, that is statistical fact"

That's funny, because I've read multiple statistics that say that violent youth crime is currently the lowest it's ever been in history...

@ "The Killer"
What you've just said means absolutely squat. How many COD players have actually shot a gun or killed anyone? Simple as that. Agression maybe, but let's face it, who plays a game and enjoys it so much they re-act what they just played? No, they go out and find an even more violent game to satisfy their thirst.

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_Aarix_2451d ago

THANK YOU! I betted my friend $10 that that was the first comment to involve that.

Lazy_Sunday2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

Anyone remember when their Mom would say "but your friend's mom told me of this study that shows that video games are violent, so I don't want to buy any more M rated games for you."


I grew up playing Mortal Kombat and Duke Nukem. Nobody's perfect but I don't have the desire to kill anyone, and I've never hated anyone--if anything, it's made it easier to deal with pain knowing that there are a variety of things that can hurt a lot more. Games help you leave the crazy in the game and keep the sanity into life.

kma2k2452d ago

I can see the media spining this into saying study finds videogames DO cause violence in adults, since the title only says "youth"

LarVanian2452d ago

It took them this long to figure that out?

killerhog2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

of course, its youth violence that causes youth violence. i remember when, i was walking down the street once with my psp, i saw this kid with a DS, i crossed the street and punched the kid in the face, then threw the DS over to the other side. thats hardcore gaming life right there man. its like gangs, walking down the street with the wrong console can get you shot.

sony, yeah yeah *makes an S with my middle and index finger*

oh.. and that kid, was a little girl. yup, i punched a little girl in the face.

TheGameFoxJTV2452d ago

LMFAO, but yea. That's how a lot of the fanboys actually think, retarded little kids. XD

DeathAvengers2452d ago

But what you forget is that age is nothing but a number when it comes to fanboyism.

TheGameFoxJTV2452d ago

I like to imagine that they're all little kids, makes it a tad bit more bearable. If I had to face that grown ass men and women are debating about this stuff.... I'd lose all hope for humanity.

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