Microsoft, Don’t Mess With Pre-owned, Please

Videogames: the only industry in which buying a second-hand product from a legitimate retailer is frowned upon. Here’s why it should be left alone…

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The Meerkat2478d ago

If it stops me giving games to my less affluent relatives once I've finished with them then I will not be buying the next Xbox.

As much as I will hate having to use a Sony controller and the lack of Halo I will join the dark side and make my next console a Playstation. (unless they do it too, in which case i'll go full gaming PC and pirate everything)

Jdoki2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

The technology to do this is already in the PS3. There were rumours galore just before the PS3 launched that they were going to do the same thing.

Obviously never happened.

Will be interesting to see if MS does this on Next Xbox or if this is just FUD. However if MS do it, I think it's highly likely Sony and/or Ninty will do the same.

It would be even more interesting to see how a move like this stood up against any sort of legal challenge as I would assume that MS etc would need us to agree to different terms and conditions over ownership of the product and what we can / not do with it, and that becomes a very grey legal area.

Biglet2478d ago

I've not got a problem with pre-order initiatives and 'bonus' content codes for those that buy new, but this would take the piss.