5 HUGE gaming cases

We're all used to PC cases being flashy and over-the-top - but MyGaming takes a break for the chrome and neon for a bit to drool over some grown-up cases. Really grown-up. As in huge.

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ATi_Elite2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Yes those are some large cases

BUT out of those I only recommend the Cosmos case. It's roomy, stylish and most importantly it has twin handles that make it easy to carry around to Lan parties.

with those other cases....unless you plan on running 4 way SLI/CFX and gonna run a Raid 6+0 set-up i dont think you'll need all that space.

Dasteru2548d ago

Its not necessarily about having enough room for the hardware, its about having enough room for airflow. The more space inside the case, the better the air circulation will be in it which will keep hardware cooler. It also makes it easier to work with during assembly. Im currently using an Antec 1200 and i love the thing but bigger is always better even if you don't "need" the space. There is also the added benefit of future proofing. Current top end video cards are already pushing 13" in length and only getting bigger.

ATi_Elite2547d ago

Most PC parts now a days uses less electricity and run way cooler.

sure airflow is important but my Thermaltake Level 10 GT has everything in it's own compartment but the great design keeps everything cool.

I view these cases as just being BIG with no emphasis put on air flow unlike my Haf X which is BIG and has a great air flow design.

Both my cases have plenty of cable management, lots of room, great air flow, and are easy to move whether it's wheels (Haf X) or Handle (Level 10 Gt)

so it all depends on what you prefer.

dredgewalker2548d ago

Well it depends on ones needs. Of course the hardcore pc gamer would benefit the most from these large cases. The huge space also offers up more room for water cooling. I'm only using a Strike X case but even for a medium sized tower I don't have a problem with cooling since it has a lot of mesh parts. I plan on going with water cooling since summer is very near and it get's really hot here with ambient temps going up to 36' Celsius.

NitrousX2547d ago

they could of mentioned any of the raven cases as well from silverstone. I have the Raven RV03 its a high tower full case mass amounts of space plus you can fit a E-ATX mobo in it

Faelan2547d ago

I have the Cosmos S case. It's a nice looking and fairly roomy case with good air-flow, but not overly portable despite the handles. It was great when I got it, but I wouldn't really recommend it today now that there are more up to date alternatives on the market in the same price range with more features.

It has several cons such as:

No removable motherboard tray.

No CPU back-plate cut-out meaning you have to unscrew and pull the entire motherboard out to change the CPU cooler.

Won't fit some of the high-end air-coolers without taking the 230mm side-fan off, which sorta takes away a big pro about the case.

Cable management isn't all that great because there's not much room between the motherboard tray and the side panel to stuff away those unused molex/sata power connectors.

Installing and removing HDs kinda sucks because you really need to get in there with a screwdriver and pull things out, then stick them back in.

No reset button - WTF?

Touch sensitive power button not too far from the front panel with USB connectors and such. If you have you computer tucked away under you desk and can't easily see the top because of that, you might accidentally turn your computer off while trying to plug in a USB device on the top panel.

When you then consider that where I live, the Cosmos S costs just a tad more than the HAF X (pulling this as an example since it's from the same company) which is superior in terms of features, internal space and airflow, you're sorta left with the question - do you really want to pay more while giving up on all that for some handles and possibly better looks (which of course depends entirely on what you consider good and bad looking)?