The Five Most Satisfying Platinum Trophies

JPS - "Every company seems to define “enough” differently. Some think simply trying everything out is enough and others expect you to get 25,000 kills. As a hunter, these two degrees come up quite often but very few games really get the job done right. The following list will showcase just some of the games I feel get it right on this level."

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Relientk772452d ago

My most satisfying Platinum trophy is Assassin's Creed II. Not saying it was hard, but it was such a b*tch to collect all 100 feathers.

Hyperbomb692452d ago

Brotherhood was even more satisfying because of the stupid multiplayer trophies that were pretty much impossible without boosting them...

Also this is why I love Trophies compared to achievements on the xbox 360. See us Playstation owners like to show off our Platinums, the games we received them on. while the xbox owners like to show off their gamerscore. my friend has about 20k gamerscore but none of those come from perfect scoring his games, Im level 14 on PSN and I have 11 platinum trophies and 2 of them are Dark Souls and Demons Souls I am hoping to get to 13 platinums very soon!

admiralvic2452d ago

I agree, but I would say the icon next to the % is what makes them so great. As DLC becomes more common our % plumet. For instance after 3 years and 3 months Spelunker HD is getting DLC. This means anyone that bought it between then and now will only be able to get around 51% without the DLC. However if you achieve the platinum the icon will remain proudly next to your percent proving you just refuse to buy the DLC. However for the xbox you need to see what forms the score.

SockeyBoy2452d ago

With achievements you can get and check with friends to see if they have 100%. 360 has a blade dedicated to 100% games. Not having a go at you dude i just think you get the both of best worlds with achievements.

badz1492452d ago

you must play a lot of games!

kneon2452d ago

I've only got 9 platinums and I'm less than 10% away from level 14. But I rarely really try for platinums.

I am trying for the GT5 platinum though. I've hit level 40 in both A and B spec but still need to get gold in a few special events and upgrade 22 silver license tests to gold. This will have taken many hundreds of hours, at least 500 for sure.

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Skate-AK2452d ago

Haha yeah I know what you mean. I have that plat also.

KeybladeMaster2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

My two satisfying platinum trophies are Killzone 2 and inFamous. Killzone 2 plat was really hard to get between beating the game on elite and being in the top 1% in the world for a week. I was one of the first in the world to get the platinum. I was so proud of myself.

inFamous took a while but when I finally got it I was so proud to say I had it. Finding all the blast shards were tough and getting the stunt master trophy was no walk in the park either.

Kran2452d ago

True that. The amount of times I went to the same spot just to find a feather. There was even one feather i ended up looking for for about an hour ¬¬

opoikl2452d ago

I also remember my last feather. I was searching for it for about 2 hours on end, when a friend suddenly came over, got interested in the historical setting of the game, grabbed the controller, climbed the first tall building that caught his eye and guess what.. the feather was hiding on that very roof between two chimneys. Incredible. Needless to say, the excitement I displayed seemed rather exaggerated to my friend.

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Outsider-G2452d ago

Getting the Arkham City platinum was satisfying. Amazing game.

Skate-AK2452d ago

Haven't played Arkham City but I do have the Arkham Asylum platinum.

Outsider-G2452d ago

Nice. I haven't tried going for that one yet because of the combat challenges. They are harder than Arkham City's.

badz1492452d ago

if you have the Plat already, it means that you’ve cheated in a way for the calendar guy. should've made it like Crysis 2, where a real time 6 month is needed for the Platinum!

Outsider-G2451d ago

@badz149 Yeah, like me and others are going to wait a year for a trophy. Fuck outta here.

Soldierone2452d ago

Resistance 2's trophy was AWESOME. It rewarded you deep into the multiplayer and i enjoyed getting that trophy so much. Sadly everyone rather make trophies easy and fast so they had to remove it for R3....complainers...I got it 3 or 4 times just because it was fun to get for my friends too.

Also Need For Speed Hot Persuit wasn't "hard" to get but sure it was the most fun I've had getting a platinum in a while.

Skate-AK2452d ago

The Hot Pursuit platinum was fun. I liked beating all my friends on Autolog. Now i'm working NFS The Run and so far it seems harder to get than Hot Pursuit.

ziggurcat2452d ago

i'm going to have to look at my list - i don't have a terrible amount (27, i think), but enough to not remember exactly what games where i've got the platinum :(

although... off the top of my head, modnation racers was pretty satisfying because it took me over a year to obtain. since i was never a big creator, getting the create XP trophy - which led to my platinum - required a lot of hours just racing with the creations i'd made.

Skate-AK2452d ago

The only one I have on this list is Borderlands. Thinking about going all out and trying to get the Dark Souls platinum....

Kran2452d ago

Borderlands a bitch to get 100%. DAMN YOU MOXXI DLC!!!!!!!

badz1492452d ago

which is not hard at all!

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