Epic Games comments on Xbox 720

The topic regarding next generation - especially regarding the Xbox 360 successor - has been heated up in recent weeks. Epic Games, the developer behind the Gears of War series and creator of the Unreal Engine, has commented on the Xbox 720.

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Sanetoshi2452d ago

It seems odd for them to talk about the longevity of this console generation when, as far as I can tell, it hasn't really surpassed the length of the standard console generation yet. Five or six years is generally about how long they last, so the idea that this one is so long that it's worth noting seems strange.

da_2pacalypse2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

Console generations are going to get shorter as the years pass, this because the cost of CPU, GPU, intel chips etc etc follow an inverse exponential law. In addition, as these costs begin to lower and lower, the demand for better graphics will be a factor in the gaming industry. Just look at the difference between the PC and console versions of Battlefield 3.

while I don't always agree that graphics make or break a game, it is certainly a factor in certain genres and more processing power can lead to great new innovations. I think this console cycle is about a year or two away from being done. That's 9 years for the xbox360 if the next xbox comes out in 2014 (which it likely will). I think that's a pretty good number of years considering how much more advanced PC processing power has become.

SilentNegotiator2452d ago

"Console generations are going to get shorter as the years pass, this because the cost of CPU, GPU, intel chips etc etc follow an inverse exponential law. In addition, as these costs begin to lower and lower, the demand for better graphics will be a factor in the gaming industry"

You just explained the entire history of gaming/technology. Why would it suddenly mean "shorter generations"? Hardware has ALWAYS been becoming more powerful and demand has always followed.

The Xbox 360 is going on 7 years! The 6th gen was basically about the same time. Generations aren't getting shorter. Creating hardware still takes time to profit and once they start making profit, they're not wanting to throw it away fast.

morganfell2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

While we are reflecting on Epic's comments we should also remember other remarks they have made. Mainly these.

First, Sweeney, Capps, and Rein have stated that we won't see the next Unreal engine until around 2014. By seen they mean in a retail game.

He even goes so far in the interview to state this:

"I spend about 60 percent of my time every day doing research work that's aimed at our next generation engine and the next generation of consoles," Sweeney told IGN, adding that this "technology that won't see the light of day until probably around 2014."

You can add to this the other prominent lines Epic has toed on a regular basis:


"Our Samaritan concept, if you look at PC hardware in two or four years’ time, is something that the next consoles can achieve."

And this:

"And the other thing I’ll call out; I want Unreal Engine 4 to be ready far earlier than UE3 was; not a year after the consoles are released. I think a year from a console’s launch is perfectly fine for releasing a game, but not for releasing new tech. We need to be there day one or very early. That’s my primary focus."

If Epic says the next generation won't be ready until 2014, if they say they want Unreal 4 to be a launch engine for next generation, and that engine won't be ready until 2014, it is fairly obvious what Epic, who work closely with the hardware manufacturers, is telling us.

DigitalAnalog2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

That's some pretty good investigation there. However, we're beginning to see more 3rd party engines revealing this gen most notably the Frostbite 2.0 as well as the Cryengine 3. If "next-gen" specs are to be believed, then you would know that it would take a lot more to bring out the potential for these engines.

That being said, the UE4 may be the first "jump" in next-gen 3rd party engine, but I doubt they would be the deciding factor for the release of next-gen. Now that SONY and Nintendo are getting the huge picture for "easy-to-develop" for system on top of the online component which MS has been dominating for years.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if MS were to release the console early because right now it is in a very disadvantage position knowing both Nintendo and SONY both have the first party studios AND the support to be extremely competitive. The Vita is a prime indication of that, think what would happen to a market when the only deciding factor is not whether the console is "hard-to-develop" for but whether which games or hardware that stands out, and MS's only trump card is the Kinect.

sikbeta2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )


Not gonna happen, people will not buy an updgraded console every 2-3 years, Consoles are made to last as long as they can, every gen last 6 years max

This gen is was going to last more, beacause the transition from SD to HD was too freaking expensive for Devs and Publishers and they wanted to get as much cash as they could, but when the Wii-U comes out, this gen will be left behind, doesn't matter IF Nintendo is playing catch up with tech

What I can see about HW is what MS did this gen, make a basic model and release new revisions with added functionality and stuff, so keep an affordable price, when manufacturing costs go down, Console Makers can add some new s*** in their HW

I'm thinking IF Sony was smart and use some common sense, they'd upgrade their Vita (using their Mobile-Phone arm/division) to make it more competitive with Smartphones and s*** but it ain't happening :P maybe 4G with some luck :)


I want to know If Epic is helping MS again to make their Xbox Next like they did with X360, thanks to them X360 got more RAM, so maybe they're telling to MS what they want for Next Gen, of course nothing crazy and expensive to run Samaritan, but some pretty great stuff for sure

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Kushan2452d ago

5 or 6 years? The 360 was out in 2005, the PS3 in 2006. If a new console was to come out this year, that'd be 6 or 7 years. Next year it'll be 7 or 8 years...I don't really see why people think this generation is still "young". Going by your logic, we should have had a new console last year.

SixZeroFour2451d ago

i dont get why everyone is all of a sudden not wanting a new console, its due time by now...i mean lets look at PS since it has more generations

ps (dec 1994) - ps2 (oct 2000) = about 6 years
ps2 (oct 2000) - ps3 (nov 2006) = about 6 years

going on this trend, ps4 or whatever they call it, is due this year atleast by the last quarter

xbox (nov 2001) - xbox 360 (nov 2005) = 4 years

its almost 7 years since, it think its about time for a new xbox

MariaHelFutura2451d ago

Finally, some one who knows what they're talking about.

Bubbles +1

Koloss2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

SixZeroFour, the previous generations lasted as long as they did because of how limited they were in terms of technology and content. The PS3 and Xbox 360 are several steps beyond their predecessors and both systems are more versatile than ever. They can upgrade to handle new technologies and peripherals. You can now download new content to your games to make them last longer. Therefore, the lifespan of a system is elongated. The only time a new system should be released is when there is something truely worth upgrading for that the current systems can't handle. Graphics? Sure they might get much better, but that alone would not constitute a new system these days. Both systems seem to be doing great right now and still have some momentum left in them.

oohWii2451d ago

Can someone point out to me where Epic actually spoke of the xbox 720 as the title say? I could find that in this article.

I appreciate the assistance.


fullymoated2451d ago

I can’t believe people aren’t more outraged at this. We’re all sitting at home with nice HD TVs, playing games powered by 7 year old hardware. We needed a new console last year. Not this year. Not next year. Definitely not 2014 when the xbox 360 will be NINE years old.

sikbeta2451d ago

We need new consoles that's for sure, thanks N fo realize that and stepping up with a poweful console this time, sure MS knwos that as well and the current X360 success will not let them change their mind about releasing a new console asap!

Koloss2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

Sikbeta & Fullymoated, like I said, age doesn't matter much anymore. This day in age, consoles can adapt to almost anything that is released. Sony and Microsoft were aiming for a 10 year span anyway, and I'm sure they'd be happy if it reached that point. That goal will probably be cut short just to compete with Nintendo's Wii U though. Don't be surprised if the next systems last an actual 10-15 years because they just might be fully adaptable to anything.

If you think that's a long time, wait until Moore's Law screws us over. We won't be seeing anything for a loooong time. Besides, wouldn't it be great to spend your money on a system that can last that long?

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Kushan2452d ago

The 360 was out in 2005, the PS3 in 2006. If a new console was to come out this year, that'd be 6 or 7 years. Next year it'll be 7 or 8 years...I don't really see why people think this generation is still "young".

ProjectVulcan2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

From the article: "So you should only replace the hardware when you can make a dramatic leap in quality, not just 2X or 3X. It has to be huge and fundamentally new"

Plus the talk of moving to mobile gaming.

Does this equal a veiled pop at Nintendo/Microsoft if they underdeliver on the spec fronts....? Could this be Epic saying we aren't impressed with your hardware, so we are moving away to alternative platforms?

I don't think they could afford to drop home consoles altogether as they have a great revenue stream. But maybe they are genuinely switching focus somewhat.

Sheikh Yerbouti2452d ago

I read as this.

"The 720. Yeah, we did the 360 and did it well. We're sure we'll be there with the 720."

"But what is really new for us is mobile gaming and we're excited about our prospects for that too."

Hayabusa 1172451d ago

No, I read that they're going for a Unity style engine that is consistent across many platforms: including web and mobile devices.

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RaidensRising2452d ago

Other than the demo video, I can't wait to see what Epic will do with its Unreal Engine in a practical scenario.

DeathAvengers2452d ago

Why is this getting disagrees? Lol?

FriedGoat2452d ago

I think its because there is not enough REVENGANCE in his comment.

da_2pacalypse2452d ago

One word: Trolls. This site has many!

jazzking20012452d ago

Can't wait to see more of their Simaratan demo

juggulator2452d ago

The Simaratan demo wasn't Unreal Engine 4. It's Unreal Engine 3 with DX11.

Pjuice2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

epic actually calls simaratan with dx11 unreal 3.9 so im sure 4.0 won't be to far off of what the next engine will look like for consoles to bad pc gamers with nice rigs could have it now and with kepler and ati 7 series around the corner sli or xfire would prolly run it easily :-( after being optimized they could prolly get it to run on one 560ti pretty insane.

Pjuice2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

watch the video at the bottom of my link above the prez of epic mike capps says there calling it unreal 3.95

JsonHenry2452d ago

Seemed to me he spent more time talking about a game engine that runs in a browser environment being used to make games with a broader appeal.

His statement about not having a large install base also makes me think they are gonna wait a while to release anything on new hardware.

Kushan2452d ago

Epic won't wait, they didn't wait when the 360 and PS3 came out and the result was that practically half the games on both consoles are made with the Unreal Engine. The lower install base actually helps Epic, because developers want to risk as little as possible on a new platform, but if they can target multiple platforms with a solid engine, then it works out best for them. I wouldn't be surprised if Unreal 4 was ported to the PS360 for that very reason - you can make your game for the current gen install base while also hitting the next gen console's early adopters.

JsonHenry2452d ago

They waited a year to release Gears of War. They will wait a year or more to release their first next gen xbox game as well.

They have to please investors. And investors want to see big launches and big returns.

cyguration2452d ago

In reply to your comment about "waiting to release Gears of War", you are incorrect sir, Gears of War was already in development and if possible, would have been a launch title.

They didn't wait at all they were actually rushing, which is why Gears had a lot of texture tearing and poor streamlined loading. Kushan is correct, it's a bidding war for engines and the sooner Epic gets something out the sooner more people will license the UE for "next-gen" projects.

Right now they're in stiff competition against Crytek with the CryEngine and EA with DICE's Frostbite. You can bet your bottom dollar EA will have a launch title lined up for the PS4/Xbox 720 running on the latest Frostbite and we already know Avalanche has a new game in the works using their latest engine and I'm pretty sure Crytek has something, too.

Half-Mafia2452d ago

Epic was the reason MS put 512mb RAM and not 256mb in the 360. They showed MS what Gears would look like on 256mb and then showed how much better it would be with 512mb.

gypsygib2452d ago

I hope all the next-gen game engines emphasize massive destructibility, AI and physics.

jessupj2451d ago

This ^^

As far as those things you mentioned their hasn't been much changed in the last ten years.

You'd think with all that power that'd be a tonne of physics stuff going on.

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