Retrospective: Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes

Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes is a game from late 2010, but since Steam did its best to sell this title during the winter sales, it seems appropriate to review now. The low price was, admittedly, an intrigue, but the juicy trailer made it tempting. The anime art-style is not inspiring, but that criticism can be silenced when noting the Fire Emblem-like game-play, as well as the trailer’s promise of being made by “Developers from whom Dragon Age, Final Fantasy, and Monkey Island have been beaten several times.” Before excitement rises, your humble orator will gladly remind you that there is a huge difference between being a developer of those titles and being a nerd who played them. If anyone took part in development for those classics, they’d have a stronger understanding of the delicate craft involved, as opposed to just claiming to know such.

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