The Final Fantasy Challange

With the pending releases of Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Final Fantasy X HD, follow along with one of the writers of Goozer Nation as he plans on playing EVERY Final Fantasy he can. Also, prizes and contests.

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Kurisu2507d ago

Here's a "challange" for you: Learn to spell :P

Poorchoices19672507d ago

I blame a lack of caffeine and English not being my first language. These things happen.

Dac2u2507d ago

Careful, you might burn out on RPG's and never want to play them again.

JimmyJames702507d ago

I thought he did it on purpose, like it's supposed to be read with an accent. It's not just a challenge, but a ChallANGE! with emphasis.

Poorchoices19672507d ago

That sounds good. Let's go with that.

HarryMasonHerpderp2507d ago

good luck with the challenge! thats alot of hours gaming lol!

Poorchoices19672507d ago

Thanks. The only think I'm really afraid of is if it starts getting to me and my dreams are turn-based. Aside from that, I should be okay.

Kurisu2507d ago

Turn-based dreams xD Hope you have fun with this! & sorry about my first comment where I joked about the spelling mistake, I was only having a laugh :)

d0nni32507d ago

Sounds like a good challenge!! i'm too much of a FFVII fanboy though i looked at the least and he hadn't beaten it before and got slightly angry (must calm down haha)

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