1000 Player FPS - One Time Only

Planned for the 29th of January, developer MuchDifferent are offering players the one-time only chance to participate in a tech demo that'll pits up to 500 players per team against each other.

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Bathyj2549d ago

Not that it was 1000 players, but whatever happened to Huxley?

DBLDeathDealer2549d ago

Good question. What did happen to that game. You have me intrigued now.

DeadlyFire2548d ago

It was given to ijji, then webzen which turned it into vapor sadly. They had a beta page for huxley in 2009 for US, but all traces are gone now. They even shut down the Korean version that launched.

hesido2549d ago

Making it one time only is a shame. I'd like to see a no-respawn 1000 player match, where you don't get to have a second chance. That would really be intense.

DBLDeathDealer2549d ago

This would juts be chaotic to say the least....

Well, I guess WoW does it...

kneon2548d ago

They need some sort of command structure or it will just be a mad free for all. That's what they did in mag and it worked quite well.

JLesinski2548d ago

Yeah I wish MAG was done a little better and stuck around a little longer