Pach-Attack! - The Tablets Have It

Will Razer's gaming tablet, Project Fiona, be a success? Does Nintendo have any interest in entering the tablet market? Plus, will Bethesda release another chapter in The Elder Scrolls saga?

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Colwyn3560d ago

if nintendo made a tablet then it would be as powerful as a 3ds with resistive touch screen

Pikajew3560d ago

Why do you hate Nintendo so much? Sony copies all their ideas they have, so you should also hate Sony as well.

See I can troll to

Colwyn3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

i dont hate nintendo. i only speak the truth or give my honest opinion on all matters because im not a fanatic. i think the wii has bad controls but to some idiots its more accurate than the ps move. some thinks psn is better than xbl but it isnt so because the unified friendly structure on xbl makes it more convenient. some thinks xbl is amazing and thinks its worth the price but it isnt. xbl should be free and doesnt offer anything worth paying for. the best console available on the market is the ps3 because of "games" and not gimmicks such as move, kinect, or the wiimote. even though move is for the ps3, it doesnt seem forced or is the main focus for the console but is supported. gears is amazing for the xbox 360 but the system lacks exclusive titles. the wii is in the same boat and even though it has a lot of games, most are mostly rubbish and rated poorly among reviewers and gamers.

i once loved the wii and most of its games but i realized after playing other console just how under-powered the device is. seeing the wii motion plus also made me realize that all those 1 to 1 speech by nintendo was a lie. even after friends of mine complained about the controls when playing the wii, i would be making excuses about how the wii is amazing and they are just bad at playing.

im not a ps move advocate but playing a few games on the ps3 with the move bolsters my opinion of how crap the wii mote is. the move is so much more accurate than the wiimote, FACT.

talking about how sony steals idea is a big indicator of a nes fanboy and if none of the companies copied each other then there wouldnt be any progress in gaming. ever heard of the eytoy. dual analog. dual rumble. 3d environment standard. some standards were set by sony.

do most nes fanboys thinks the 3ds is as powerful as a ps3 like most developers were saying. listen fanboys, i like the ps3 because its the best console for gaming at the moment but not the best gaming system. my pc is the best gaming system with asus maximus iv, i7 2600, 3 gtx 580,12gig ram, kingston ss 120hdd. bf3 makes all ps3 games look like super mario 3 but the pc is a 4k rig. to each his a techie and also a graphics fanatic because i want to decipher things clearly while gaming which majority of other gamers want. anyone who says they arent graphics fans are just fanboys being blind because they want to condone and excuse their favourite companies lackluster systems. nintendo makes shoddy tech for the times they re released. well within the last 10 years.

Game3s3559d ago

Its a fact people with low IQ are prejudice.

mike1up3559d ago

Uh...yea... I am sure that that is exactly what they are going for. /s

MultiConsoleGamer3560d ago

Does Nintendo have any interest in the tablet market? What a stupid question. Of course they do. Its called the Wii-U controller and it's Nintendo's answer to the tablet craze.

All next gen consoles will have tablet support. Mark my work. Pach-man knows I'm right.

Rampaged Death3559d ago

Getting into a market Apple owns is stupid. It will end badly.

mike1up3559d ago

Why not? Apple's products are notoriously overpriced.

Rampaged Death3559d ago

But millions buy them every year. Why ? Because they are amazing.

mike1up3559d ago

@Rampaged Death

Not to digress, but millions of people also buy Crack Cocaine every year.

If those people could get their Crack Cocaine at a cheaper price... they would.

(See I went somewhere logical with the Crack Cocaine reference...please don't ban me).

Say no to drugs kids!

Stealth2k3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

no controls equals worthless for games

why buy that tablet?

When you can have a console and really own the game?

its dumb

MGRogue20173559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Gaming is the last thing on consumer's minds when they're deciding on whether to buy a tablet.

ozstar3559d ago

This is true imo. I think they want to read books/newspapers, and surf the net from the couch.

But in circumstances where you are at home, and on the couch, wanting to play a game, now you can play HD titles on your lap.

I think the WII U will become a fantastic competitor for those 50% of IPad users who mainly use their Pads at home.