Machinima- Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review

Lawrence weights in on Final Fantasy 13-2 to see if Square Enix has improved since the original Final Fantasy 13.

Spoiler: They did

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Mykky2551d ago

Nice! I'm starting to look forward to this!

MmaFan-Qc2551d ago

hey,.....what's that sound?

oh yeah, ....thats Ranma1 raging because the game got a good 8/10 aka 4/5

keep raging homie!


KeybladeMaster2551d ago

Watch the review and the from what he said it sounded more like a 7 than a 9. There were quite a few negatives he pointed out but didn't list it at the end of each section. Right now it seems this game is getting a mixed bag of reviews. When a game gets reviews from 5/10 to 9/10 you know that the game is a mixed bag of meh.

iamtehpwn2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Actually, he mostly praised the game, and had a few nitpicks with it and said it was one of the first Final Fantasy's he's liked in a long time, and that he disliked XIII but enjoyed XIII-2 a lot more. I don't get what part of that review sounded like a 7 other than a few minor complaints.

And, I know get a lot of flack about defending this game, but really, I have hopes that it's good because I want play a good, new Final Fantasy. This game being bad would do nobody any good. Not the fans, or Square Enix, or the future of the Final Fantasy franchise.

KeybladeMaster2551d ago

I want a good Final Fantasy too but I am a realist. Trust me if they made a half decent story and characters I would pick up this game. Unfortunately every review site is saying the story and characters are weak and from what I have played they are right.

I'm not a fan of the battle system either. Your still hitting auto battle throughout most of the game. To me that's not fun. It's easier than XIII. That doesn't make it more fun to me.

So (TO ME) what your basicly doing is hitting auto battle to see the next cutscene. I am not hating just cause. That would be a waste of time. I am just giving my opinion on the game and the story (which is thr most important thing to me in a Final Fantasy game). If you don't have a great story to tell than what's the point?

Mykky2551d ago

To me it sounded a 9/10 so I don't know what you are talking about. Uncharted 3 and AC Revelation got 5/10 so you are talking nonesense.
Accepting your opinion is hard because it is not quite your opinion as you have not played it and are using others opinions to make your own. Not to mention that you want to hate it because you did not like FF 13.
(I might be wrong about judging you like this but I think it is close to reality. Tell me if I'm wrong though.)

Just to make it clear: The reviewer did not like FF 13 but liked 13-2. Why not give it a chance?

Godmars2902551d ago

More like an 8 than 7, but I guess its worth a extra point if fixes issues in XIII and you're a fan who was looking for this kind of an "apology" from Square.

For me I'll wait for vsXIII for that, but feel that Square thinks itself justified in repeating the real mistakes made in XIII, which was mainly in story.

Which again by this review doesn't sound like something that that fixed in XIII-2.

iamtehpwn2551d ago

I agree on Autobattle, I didn't much like the autobattle either, so I turned it off (Which most people seem to over look the fact that you can turn off Auto battle), and set abilities to default. The game is a lot more challenging and engaging when you do so. but you couldn't switch party leader in battle, and that unfortunately limited the strategy of the game.

As for the story, that's more of a subjective thing. I don't think it was FF's strongest story, mostly because I felt like the villain was lacking heavily. I think someone like Caius should've been in the first one to have that Nemesis-Type threat.

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BigDollarZoe9542551d ago

Nice Review few more days to go