Sony’s biggest misses

The PlayStation Vita won't hit store shelves for another month, but some critics are already declaring it a disaster, based on early sales returns.

That's quite premature -- not to mention a bit fatalistic -- but you don't get to become a multi-billion dollar, multinational company without making a few mistakes. For every Walkman and Playstation 2 there exists a handful of other Sony ideas that didn't ring true with consumers.

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sticky doja2458d ago

I tried home once when it first came out. It wasn't my thing. They say it has been improved. Maybe I should give it another try.

killerhog2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

never mind when i first loaded the website it didnt load a few of the candidates (including the psx

also sticky doja i wasnt replying directly to you, i just like replying to first commentators so my comment is on-top lol.

but fun fact though, the psx was were sony originally got the xmb from, it does sorta still look the same as the ps3 xmb.

killerhog2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

man i remember when me and my bro first heard of the psx, we were so interested until, we saw the $700 and $950 price tag lol. it was surely a kneat console, built in ps1 and 2, dvr, supported lots of file formats etc..

and people thought the ps3 was expensive lol.

2456d ago
Parapraxis2456d ago

I give you a -10 for a poor attempt at reverse trolling emil12.

CarlitoBrigante2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

U like being first huh? Ignored, how u like me now? Nobody will see your comments.

DeathAvengers2456d ago

Wow emil, back again? He's been trolling for the past hour, check every MS/kinect article.

Gaming1012456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Article is full of nonsense. The reason Sony is trailing the 360 by a very minimal amount of units (gap gets smaller every year) is because of the horrible marketing they did that enraged westerners, and that's about it. The things the executives said made them an easy target for internet trolls (ie. bloggers and people running gaming websites) when they said they hoped people would think to themselves "I will work more hours so I can afford one", the communication message was really lost and didn't translate internationally, and of course stupid North Americans and British people got all offended. The Japanese mentality doesn't translate to Western mentalities, and vice versa (for those of you who have studied international business, you know this). So of course they then picked at every other issue, like the price being a measly 100 bucks more than it used to release at for a premium model, and a $500 model that still had way more features than the 360. So really it was a non-issue that trolls decided to make an issue, because as it stands the PS3 is still $100 more but still packed with more features.

darthv722456d ago

in some cases they dont fail due to poor product. They can fail due to being to ahead of the curve. Many of sony's ideas were ahead of the times and consumers didnt understand or wanted to embrace some of the neat things sony had to offer.

at least.....not at the time they were released. Things change and so does perception. Like the mini disc was a great idea and in many cases lead to the creation of the UMD but the problem in that was there wasnt anything else to really use it.

Most of the troubles stem from licensing out the tech for others to use and make units similar. If sony had been a bit more lenient with things like beta then they would have been getting royalties from others instead of eventually succumbing to joining the VHS crowd.

Sony makes good stuff even if they can be a bit stubborn with the business side of things. Then again, you dont want just anyone out there ripping off your ideas.

Mustang300C20122456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )



You seriously are going to type what you said and believe that commercials and marketing like the comments you mention at E3 that not every "westerner" heard or knew somehow caused an affect of where they are at? Trolls? Dude get out in the real world. No one is talking outside of sites like this about trolls have caused the PS3 sales to suffer or how it is looked at. Some of you seriously need to realise that a world exist outside of games. Most people come home and just turn the damn thing on to play if they chose to purchase it in the first place and I gurantee you it wasn't because of what Kaz or some random "troll" said.

While you are at it why not just add that no rumble hurt them as well lol.

Mustang300C20122456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Most of Sony's troubles have been clear. They were late to the party with with some of their products and they were sitting on their hands when Vizio and Samsung started to do the exact same buisness they did and do it cheaper. Now they are a 18 billion dollar company and have lost almost 100 billion in the last 10 years. PS3 had me too features add after the 360.

They failed to price themselves in the market and allowed themselves to get priced out cause the whole company just can't accept that the name Sony simply doesn't work like it did in the 90s.

Kurt Russell2455d ago

It took me a while to buy one because it was too expensive. I only wanted it for the games, all the other features are not used on my consoles (xbox included)... I boot up and play games and that is it. So I had the option of a console which had some real interesting games (mass effect, bioshock, a 60fps orange box) which was cheaper - or a console that was more expensive and had a fairly few decent titles and sub-par ports.

Trolls had nothing to do with it.

When I did finally get the PS3 I paid a reasonable price for it, and had a great catalogue of games I had missed out on to catch up with.

As a gamer 1st and corperate follower 2nd I think I made the wise choice.

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fluffydelusions2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Home is better than initially for sure but it is still Home. TBH the coolest thing to me is the new theatre with crackle...pretty neat. They should try to do something like that for Netflix, YouTube etc.

CarlitoBrigante2456d ago

Lmao notice how these kind of articles are ALWAYS directed against Sony.

"oh Sony shouldve done this and that", "why Sony needed to do this faster", "how Sony screwed up big time"

etc etc, teh doomz slowly come back

Kur02456d ago

Actually, the author got a lot of things wrong like the Betamax recording length and saying that the sixaxis controller is the worst controller ever.

frostypants2456d ago

Yeah...Sixaxis is fine. The fundamental design of the Sixaxis/Dualshock 3 is the most popular and long-lived control pad ever designed. The author clearly has an ax to grind.

THC CELL2456d ago

Yes why dont they moan Xbox should get more exclusives or make Xbox live free or moan dashboard is crap.

sikbeta2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Well, you need to consider the case of a "fallen giant" PlayStation 1 and 2 were the King of their respective generations, everyone thought story would repeat itself with the amount of success accumulated over the years, now look what happened :P

As for the other Sony stuff, they could have biuld the first HW+SW Ecosystem if they wanted knowing they make from 1.44 Disks to [email protected] TVs, so bleh I only know that their TVs make the company bleed so much money that put the whole company in danger...

skrug2456d ago

yet there was doom articles for PS1, PS2, and PSP

Kurylo3d2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

why do you guys get so defensive? I mean have you ever asked yourselves that? Did the author offend you personally or is he just speaking his mind about a corporation. N4G is notorious for fanboys just screamn about their playstations and how good they are. Ill admit i much prefer ps3 to 360. My 360 just sits there, but still I dont go around telling the world how sony is catching up lol... there gonna catch up completely about a year or 2 after the next generation starts... lol. Its not something to brag about.

kaveti66162455d ago

Yeah. I think that's called selective attention, combined with a persecution complex.

CarlitoBrigante2455d ago

@Kurylo: and yet you decided to be a fanboy the moment you mentioned "ps3 will catch up 1 or 2 years after next gen starts" and got defensive for the author of this article. Why are you defending? Is it desperation? So you agree with all the doom and gloom articles?

FunkMacNasty2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )


there are plenty of articles that troll against Microsoft as well... once in a while there's one that talks about the mis-steps of Nintendo too.

From my point of view N4G is an unofficially ps3 biased website, in terms of it's userbase. And I think that we get alot of stories posted and approved by members about how many exclusives the ps3 has, or why game 'A' looks better on ps3, or how much the xbox 360 is holding the ps3 back... theres all sorts of ps3 articles out there and not all of em are negative...Usually just the ones that are posted by 360 fanboys and troll journalists/bloggers, etc.

But sometimes, when an article is posted that honestly and truthfully speculates on industry trends and criticices a specific console or company, then you see the stark-raving and rabid fanboys, who cant differentiate between a troll article and an honest but critcal one.

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Tommykrem2456d ago

Yeah, I must say I'm still a bit sceptic to Home too. I agree on pretty much every point on this list except Lair, which I thought was all right after many patches at least.

kreate2456d ago

Its yahoo. They are not a sony-friendly company.

2pacalypsenow2455d ago

if we didnt have to use real $ i would use it

gigreen2455d ago

Home is pretty cool now, I play poker on it once in a while.

It's the best poker game I found on consoles so far and it's free!

OhMyGandhi2455d ago

haha, I still have my MiniDisc...I don't know why, but I still do .

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thebudgetgamer2458d ago

Funny how people keep saying Home cam up short when millions of people use it and they always opening new spaces.

GribbleGrunger2458d ago

18 million to be exact. it's not for me but obviously it's for some people

pandaboy2458d ago

Sony were stupid with home. They should have centered the ps3 online experience around it and gave the console sufficient memory so that it doesn't run like peanut butter in an optical disc drive. I'd like to know how many people use Home at any given time, I'd bet those numbers would be pretty low.

Microsoft would have done Home properly if it was theirs. They would have it in your face but in such a way that it worked, people really buy into these tacky gimmicks when done right.

LiL T2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

@pandaboy " people really buy into these tacky gimmicks when done right. " that how so many people ended up with 360's.
@pandaboy again " Sony is behind the times with their software as per usual" ...hows that old windows 2000.8 working.

Baka-akaB2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

And i'm glad you or microsoft didnt came up with it then .

We'd have to deal with the hassle , as opposed as having an optional feature .

"I'd bet those numbers would be pretty low. "

If you were using it , even without a given numbers you'd notice it's actually lively . Just not my cup of tea and annoying to use imo

pandaboy2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

hey, I'm not saying I wanted it that way, I'm saying that people would be gossiping and raving about Home avatars and trophies instead of xbox live avatars and achievements. The western market loves that shit. MS knows their market, Sony is behind the times with their software as per usual.

@redemptuer - from a business perspective, no. As I alluded to earlier, MS are the masters of telling people what they want with the influence of clever gimmicks and advertisement. Second only to Apple in that respect.

Redempteur2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

How is launching a product online and having a dedicated userbase behind the times ??

There are actually websites and communities dedicated to HOME. People aren't raving everyday here about it because Home is optionnal ... people who don't want it , don't use it ...
Can you at least agree that this approch is more "with the times " rather than forcing everyone on the same page regardless if that what they want or not ?

"MS knows their market, Sony is behind the times with their software as per usual."
If MS know their market , Sony at least know to give their users freedom to choose and enjoy their online as they see fit .

Why o why2456d ago

Lol, ms knows their customers alright. MS are on the do just enough tip because their fans usually dont demand more from them.

Neko_Mega2456d ago

Yeah, Microsoft is the master of something. Failure, or in 360's case fail rate.

Last time I check, Microsoft is pretty behind in the times (Seeing how they like using outdated hardware an make you pay more for it).

JaredH2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Based on my experience it's for people who like to hit on female avatars.

frostypants2456d ago

I highly doubt 18 million use Home. Sure, 18 million may have activated it, but I'd wager that far fewer actually use it much. I've tried it a few times, so I am part of that 18 million, but I haven't touched it for ages and I really don't see much point to it. I admired the concept, but it ended up being something different from what it was intended to be (an answer to Live, which it is not).

GribbleGrunger2456d ago

an answer to LIVE? get out of here with that nonsense. it's a social network with integrated gaming... and it's FREE. use it or just ignore it, but never complain about something that's free

Soldierone2456d ago

Like I said in our article. Calling Home a "failure" like they did in this article is like calling ANY game on ANY console a failure because not every single person turns it on every time they are on their console.

@above why would you want it shoved in your face? It's in an option that is always there, and Sony commonly offers Home as part of exclusive things. It's no different than your avatar on 360, instead this avatar can actually walk around and do things with other avatars.

Parapraxis2456d ago

@ JaredH

...thus, my female avatar :)

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Godmars2902456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Home did fail in that it didn't attract the general gamer, more ones interested in MMOs or virtual worlds.

It was introduced too soon, promised too much, and though now that devs can do more in it - like Namco could actually put their old arcade titles in it - they wont "just because."

Sony also "failed" with the browser in that they can't support it properly because the PS3 isn't considered to be a PC and to give it unrestricted access would be bad for Hulu considering Hulu plus. For Hulu.

MS did try a version of Home: their arcade space.

Showed XBL Avatars walking around it in promos, couldn't actually get them to do.

smashcrashbash2456d ago

The only people the say that are the people who don't use it. Every time a new space opens up it is flooded with people and the Hub ALWAYS has people there every day.I go to Home play golf, play pool, play checkers, play chess, go Orb hunting, play arcade games, fly star ships through space, kill zombies, Chimera ships, Helagast soldiers and Yetis, shoot down invading ships, plan espionage to kill agents, slide down slopes with penguins, walk through a Japanese village, scoop goldfish, fish in a frozen pond, slide lawn gnomes, win virtual cash in a casino etc. And then some @$$ says 'there is nothing to do in Home'. And I laugh

@ pandaboy. You mean the same Microsoft whose products are either broken, crap or made by someone else?

pandaboy2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

the point is microsoft can work their software into mass appeal and have an online service in their console which is popular, works efficiently and is user friendly. Sony have little of these online positives in their ps3. Godmars' comment is actually not very different from mine, I just didn't sugar-coat it for the fanboys.

LackTrue4K2455d ago

so true!!! i never use HOME, but come somthing new. i rush in to see whats new, but its hard to do now!!! "great games are keeping me form going!! XD"
EDIT @ pandaboy, "trolling like hell boy!!! I just ended up marking you down for trolling on all your comments!"

hellzsupernova2455d ago

yeah dude i logged in once and checked a few profiles and they are literally on there just for home they had NO trophies meaning either they had a really old colelction of ps3 games or they just use home

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Half-Mafia2456d ago

WOOOOOOOOOOOW how many bad articles towards Sony have we had today.

The PlayTV is the best DVR on the market. Because it uses the PS3 power, it has a super fast interface compared to the crappy stand alone devices. And its hasnt been killed, you can still buy it. You dont have it in the US cause from what ive heard the US cable business is pretty f'ed up.

Every1 thinks PS Home is a joke. But it makes Sony alot of money. Just the normal US Media thinking they are always right.

If Lair is such a hard game to control then WTF is playing games on Kinect like.

Baka-akaB2456d ago

and the japanese equivalent "torne" has been a hit so far . But hey if it's not in usa , and only elsewhere who cares right ?

Half-Mafia2456d ago

Like football, the biggest sport in the world and Americans think a rugby ball is football :S

Godmars2902456d ago

Now that you mention it, for what little its worth, no one talks about either PlayTV or Trone. I have no idea how they're doing.

You'd think that Sony could make something similar built around googleTV for the States. Might not be generally popular but I'd buy it on the spot - for $99.

Also guessing that is Canada can't use it, though they supposedly have a national cable network?

Redempteur2456d ago

It's like Vidzone , it's a success no doubt about it ... BUT someone people act like it doesn't exist because ..hey it's not in america ..

OMEGAZONE2456d ago

Sony very rarely miss, even if it isn't a commercial success the quality is always there. Thats one thing you can always count on Sony for, technology that has been designed, engineered and built by people with true talent.

wingman32x2456d ago

I like Home. It's fun to just play some bowling with 3 other people when you're bored. It's a nice diversion.