The Top 5 Mario Games

Mario has been in over 250 games. Goozernation attempts to near down the top 10 Mario games of all time to the top 5. What makes the cut into the top 5? Will Mario Galaxy be mentioned? What about Super Mario RPG? Where does Paper Mario fall?

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puffkix2482d ago

My two faves are Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario

Captain Qwark 92482d ago

without question those are the top, for me its
1. super mario rpg
2. paper mario
3. sm3
4. smw
5. sm ( nes )

schlanz2480d ago

Bringing in the non-canon Mario games makes things too complicated for me.

5. Super Mario 3
4. Super Mario Sunshine
3. Super Mario World
2. Super Mario Galaxy
1. Super Mario Galaxy 2

DeeZee2482d ago

Hmm, there have been a lot of "Top 5s" lately.

Blastoise2482d ago

My favourites are super mario world and Super mario 64.

ForROME2482d ago

Mario 3 Mario 64 HANDS DOWN

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