My (not so) Guilty Gaming Pleasure

BT writes: "Whether we want to admit them or not, we all have guilty pleasures. They’re something we may not be particularly proud of, but simply can’t help finding delight in. They could be anything from a chocolate bar here and there or enjoying chick flicks a little too much (as a guy or gal!). As gamers, many of us have games we enjoy playing on the solace of our rooms when no one’s watching. These can be fantastic titles, but ones we would most likely be embarrassed to admit to our friends that we play. Today, I’m coming clean with my biggest (not so) guilty gaming pleasure."

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zerocrossing2547d ago

May as well get the ball rolling, yes the Atelier series is one of my (not so) guilty gaming pleasures too.

tiffac0082546d ago

I'am guilty of this, (not so) guilty gaming pleasures too. lol!

zerocrossing2545d ago

Still not played the second game D: (SHAMED!)

rhap2547d ago

I like it too, but I've to say: I really miss the old JRPGs from PS1/PS2 era.

Stealth2k2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

and they are still here

The consoles are not popular in japan

the ds and psp are which is where the bulk of the rpg support is


if you add all the japanese rpgs from all the systems theres as any if not more this gen than any other

plmkoh2547d ago

Nothing to be ashamed of really, I openly tell people I play the game series. After they laugh at you they'll be quick to lose that smirk when you show them the depth of game-play.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2547d ago

Mine is posting comments on N4G.
Oh, you were talking about games? Angry Birds and Tetris. And some of the free Minis from PS+.

Hicken2547d ago

I don't even know why you'd add "Guilty" in at all. The Atelier games are good fun. I still need to finally take my copy of Totori home.