Just Dance Phenomenon was Nothing Ubisoft Ever Anticipated

The Just Dance series has taken off like wildfire over the past couple of years, with the third installment selling boatloads ever since its launch last year. The sales figures, which have managed to rival some of the industry’s biggest franchises, make it one of this generation’s most popular titles.

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Jackhass3551d ago

I don't think anyone did.

zerocrossing3550d ago

I never did either... and I still can't believe it.

CrazyInsane3550d ago

So we can expect just dance 4,5,6,7..? ?

GraveLord3550d ago

Grow up. All video games are "milked". It's how this industry stays profitable.

zerocrossing3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )


No, most video games maintain appeal by evolving and staying relevant, all these franchises do is change the menu layout, song tracks (that could have been DLC) usually start promoting a popular bands music when they start loosing steam, and add a new numerical value to the end of the title.

It's essential a personal karaoke machine that gets unjustifiably high praise by yet again appealing to the lowest common denominator.

But hey its just a game right and it's not hurting anyone?, except it is, these games get a ridiculous amount of praise when genuinely great games get overlooked, which is why the games industry is in such a sorry state according to those of us who've been gaming more than 10 years.

Urrakia343550d ago

They didn't anticipate it probably because they knew it was just some half-assed casual game.