iPhone 4S vs. PS Vita

Which device is actually the better gaming machine? You may believe the Vita will blow the iPhone 4S out of the water, but you may be surprised...

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disturbing_flame2460d ago

If you post on N4g compare those two devices for games, not for other things.
If you think an Ip4S has better games than a Vita or a 3DS, i think it's a joke.

For a system that is more powerful and cheaper and has more games, the iphone still win ? Really ?

I think not.

This article is really bad, because it shows that people prefer a device that is heavily expensive, with less power and a very retricted and average base of games to play on it.

Colwyn2460d ago

Nissan gtr vs shopping trolley.
They both have 4 wheels

darthv722460d ago

ps vita vs xperia play. That makes the playing field more even. Both have buttons. Both have touch screen controls. both have dual directional inputs.

People that have played both please chime in with their opinions.


Chitown712912460d ago

Why don't we post an article about a Phone vs A phone. And a gaming device vs. a gaming device. This is like comparing a motorcycle to a car. They are not the same thing.

Soldierone2460d ago

@darth if you want an honest opinion as I've had time with both. Xperia Play (while a great device) is a very stripped down Vita that just needs more actual games. if you want an early glimpse of vita, Xperia Play is a great example since most of the games for it utilize the buttons and touch screen in similar fashion (like Dead Space for example).

In terms of being a phone, well, Xperia Play is a phone. And this website would probably say that makes it the better device if it had a logo shaped like a fruit on the back haha

jamezrp2460d ago

The Xperia Play is a worse comparison because it's a phone just the same, but on Android. With far less games. The iPhone has over 100K games downloadable today...even if only .1% of those games are "full" games, that's still more than you can get on the Play.

MariaHelFutura2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

I'm giving you bubbles (intellegent) for just mentioning the Nissan GT-R.....

SandwichHammock2460d ago

Well I have an xperia play. Sony has really dropped the ball when it comes to the playstation phone. The reason is simple, poor support. You would think that with this awesome phone I can have access ti my psn account so I can play the psone classics: nope, got to go with fpse. You would think that you could remote play with a ps3: nope. The vita: still nothing on when psone classics will be patched in, no android ( which I think would be killer on the vita). Hopefully with the push of content across all Sony, this will change, and soon. Im a bit peeved with Sony for these things.

DA_SHREDDER2460d ago

The fact the iPhone is well, a phone, most adults would prefer it over the Vita. If you wanna get a gaming device for games, well,then I'd pick a ps3 or even the Wii for that matter. The Vita does small games justice, but who cares? Gamers on the go? Sure. But what about the hardcore? My opinion is that the Vita is gonna be great, for those who don't mind playing stripped down versions of their favorite games. The touch screen is nice, but anyone who has a touch screen phone or tab knows that touch screens aren't the answer to anything. If anything they are more of a pain then just having something with buttons. Me and my wife prefer the physical qwerty keyboard over a touch screen keyboard.

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GribbleGrunger2460d ago

and what makes this even funnier is the fact that the media were calling for duel analogue sticks on the next PSP and now the Vita has them, we shouldn't require buttons or analogue sticks at all. amazing turnaround

jamezrp2460d ago

I don't think that's necessarily's just taken too long for anyone to deliver it. Now too many people are used to not needing them, it may take too long for people who have switched over to ever come back.

GribbleGrunger2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

i don't understand that logic at all. there are 64 million 360 owners that are used to duel analogue stick and 61 million PS3 owners that are used to duel analogue sticks. that doesn't include PS2 owners or PSP owners who have always wanted duel analogue sticks.

if Sony had gone for touch screen only we would be having a completely different conversation and the media would have had a field day

the media dictate what matters so that they can have contentious articles to garner hits. can't you see that?

kikizoo2460d ago

griggle, don't search logic when most of people, or fanboyz, are just dumbs..

like this : "because it comes storage to begin with and doesn’t attempt to cheat buyers out of more money for required data storage. " : dumb logic, he's choosing 700+0$ for memory card(iphone), over 250$ + 30$, or more, forbigger memory than the biggest iphone available....and more stupid thant that, he 's close to call sony thief for that obvious choice :) (it's again like the dumb xbox fanboy's logic from 2006, 2007..and more for the worst)

PoopDaddy2460d ago

One's a phone, one's a gaming device. If i wanted to make a call I'd use the phone.....Gaming goes to sony, sorry iPhony gaming device.

GribbleGrunger2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

this made me laugh with the camera:

Winner: iPhone 4S, because it isn’t a tacked-on piece of junk.

does this writer even understand why the Vita has a camera? doesn't he understand that it's primary use is not to take pictures but to be used for games? what a pillock

lol. he's updated the post to include the 8GB bundle but won't adjust the score because it's about the games LOLOL... what a clot. he hasn't even got the decency to hide his agenda even when it's about to bite him on his skinny little ass

badz1492460d ago

iPhone doesn't even come close!

but there are some funny things included in the article;

"There’s no denying that the iPhone has more games, and because of the sheer number will likely always have more better games than the Vita."

fair enough for the first part as there are still not many Vita games around but iPhone will always have better games than the Vita?? WTF is he smoking there??

"The state of gaming on iOS is, right now, way better than not only the Vita when it releases in February, but frankly better than any dedicated console period. It may even be better than the PC."

there is no faceplam big enough for THAT!

kneon2460d ago

There are more failures in this article than that.

On storage - Winner: iPhone 4S, because it comes storage to begin with and doesn’t attempt to cheat buyers out of more money for required data storage

No, instead the iPhone cheats users right up front by forcing you to buy the most storage you can afford as you can't add any later

On Wireless Connectivity - The author doesn't know much about cellular data. 3G or 4G makes little difference here, they both have similar latency, that's the killer for online gaming. The speed of 3G is more than adequate.

On Battery Life - I've seen the 4S die in as little as 4-6 hours of continuous 3D gaming, and when that happens you can't text or call or be contacted. A lot of people really don't like that. When the Vita battery dies, well I can't play games, not really the end of the world.

badz1492459d ago

but I was focusing on the gaming comparison as it sounds the most ridiculous of all! the writer must have never played a game before the reveal of iPhone lol!

better than PCs lol:

fear882459d ago

This guy needs to pull his pants up. His company boner is showing.

farhad2k82459d ago

Honestly, why all the hate towards the VITA?! All these people making these articles are just trying to fork out the slightest of problems in the VITA.
Honestly, dual analogue sticks. NUFF SAID. lol

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Ulf2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

Did they add controls to the iPhone 4S recently?

Or double the number of CPU and GPU cores maybe?

I'm thinking... no.

Also the battery comparison? Completely bogus. The Vita lasts 3-5 hours WHILE GAMING. The iPhone 4S lasts about 1.

Also... the guy seems to have forgotten that the Vita can play over 1000 PSP and PS1 games in his games comparison. It absolutely destroys the iPhone's library, from day 1.

jamezrp2460d ago

You can play GTA3 on the 4S for at least 7 hours straight, sans Wi-Fi.

Ulf2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

That *really* surprises me, despite the fact that GTA3 would probably be able to downclock the iPhone 4S processor and GPU to something really slow, use only a single core, and still run.

Actually, come to think of it, that's probably exactly what it does do. I wouldn't be at all surprised if GTA:LCS and GTA:VCS (from the PSP, and available on PSN) both lasted in the same ballpark, or longer, on the Vita.

jamezrp2460d ago

Pick an iPhone game and I'll personally test and time it to see how long it runs, from full charge to shutdown.

UltimateIdiot9112460d ago

Because GTA3 on the 4S is clearly a powerhouse...
If the 4S even try to run anything that the Vita can output or as beautiful as Gravity Rush, the iPhone won't last.

IRetrouk2459d ago

thats funny cause two of my friends own the 4s and cant even listen to music on it for that long.

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Sizzon2460d ago

I have an iPhone 4s and will be getting a PS Vita ^^

guitar_nerd_232460d ago

What a stupid article, on so many levels!

MasterCornholio2460d ago

Pretty stupid comparison.

Anyways when it comes to the Vitas main function which is gaming it completely destroys the iPhone4S.

Yeah apple fanboys the iPhone 4S sucks for games. Long live the Vita and the 3DS.


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