Doom 4 on PS3 could have more data than PC and 360 versions- John Carmack

GB : It's no secret that id Software is working on Doom 4, and now that they've got Rage out of the way and in the market, they're focusing all their time and resources on Doom 4.

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Majin-vegeta2460d ago

Yea i wish more developers would actually start taking advantage of Blu ray like some Devs have.

-Mika-2460d ago

The only thing blu-ray is good for is uncompressed videos and audio so im pretty sure devs been taking advantage of it for awhile.

killerhog2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

@ -miki-

maybe first party developers, but third party have been screwing us since launch. my library consist of first party games and a very few third party cause of this.

also its good for more game content mika, which developers havent been taking advantage of, with their console equality bs.

i do not understand why im paying 60$ for a 50gb blu-ray, but get the same content as a 60$ 9gb dvd?

guitarded772460d ago

Is that your professional opinion?

im_right2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )


Uncompressed textures looks great. (something 360 can't do with old DVD)

Drekken2460d ago

-Mika- What an ignorant statement. You would think 5+ years into this console cycle you guys would stop with the nonsense.

People like you probably think games could still be on cartridges.

ABizzel12460d ago

If Doom4 is "coming in the next couple of years", wouldn't it make sense to develop if with the PS4 and Nextbox in mind.

Most sources point to next gen console shipping in 2013 or 2014 aka a couple of years.

_Aarix_2460d ago


Wow are you really comparing a 2006 game to a 2010 game. How about Using gears of war 3 then come back to me.

SephirothX212460d ago

It would be great if all games were digital next gen and hard disks were mandatory and much larger in capacity. That way, we could play very big games and there would be no need for multiple discs. The only problem is that not everyone has an internet connection. Is there a plausible way around this not involving physical media?

MysticStrummer2460d ago

@Mika - Wow congrats. That's one of the most ridiculous statements I've ever seen on N4G, and that's saying something.

da_2pacalypse2459d ago

I doubt Doom4 would come out for this console generation... I really really doubt it lol... Specially knowing how slow those guys work at id software...

lastdual2459d ago


"Uncompressed textures looks great. (something 360 can't do with old DVD)"

Oh god, console-only gamers need to get it through their heads that texture quality is determined by RAM, not the size of your optical media. Do you think the textures in PC games are decided by how big your hard drive is?

Yes, you could put a 5 gig texture on a bluray disk, but you would never be able to actually display it, since it would need to be loaded into RAM, of which both consoles have less than 512 MB usable.

It's memory that determines how much data you can display at any one time. So while you could potentially have *more* textures with bluray, the quality of those textures would be the same unless you had more memory.

Arnon2459d ago

Really... the PS3 version of Doom 4 is going to have more data than the PC version, a copy of the game with an unlimited amount of space for data.

If that's the case, then it's obvious that id have consoles in mind.

RedDead2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

This means PS3 version will look the best right :D??

Pc version will still be the only version to get

Gamer19822459d ago

wont be long before blu-ray pc games are the norm. I would say 2-3 years.

im_right2459d ago


LOL!!! 5GB texture? someone doesn't know anything about texture file sizes or texture resolution.
For Valves texture format a uncompressed texture at high resolution 2048 X 2048 can be 10MB to 15MB.

And for lols

decrypt2459d ago

PS3 gamers on this site once again prove how little they know about how tech works. They will spout the same crap they were fed by the likes of kutaragi, instead i would strongly recommend they educate themselves on how things really work.

If Bluray was really was what was responsible for great graphics then PS3 would have outdone games like Crysis along time ago. So why doesnt the PS3 out do a game like Crysis or any other PC multiplat for that matter. It doesnt because graphics arent just dependant on Storage medium size.

Its like giving a car a huge fuel tank, but giving it a small sized engine, sure the car can cover alot of distance however its performance will be average. Hence PS3 might have a huge storage medium with the Bluray however its the CPU, GPU & Ram which play a much larger part in generating graphics. The PS3 in todays terms severly lacks in all those departments and is only roughly comparable to the Xbox 360.

Its funny but developer feed the PS3 gamers the same crap everytime before they release a multiplat when the game actually release it mostly always performs best on PC followed by Xbox, PS3 mostly always being in last place. Yet PS3 fans never learn they keep falling for the same crap lol.

Autodidactdystopia2456d ago


uncompressed textures

something ps3 cant do with that old crap hardware..

those are just buzzwords. Uncompressed textures, dont mean crap unless those textures are high resolution to begin with. something ps3 cannot do in my book.

oh and this is NOT valve's texture format, so what if valves flat outdated looking textures can fit in 1kb they are no where near the best looking in the industry and are very outdated.

bottom line is that the ps3 sucks fat turds when it comes to comparison of power to a pc, i can see right through you and your clever little sentiments and all i see is a ps3 licker protecting his pimp.

I have a blu ray drive on my pc have for years now, just waiting on the industry to stop being a pussy and jump formats.

go ahead rebutt i challenge you to a duel my pc with a blu ray drive vs your ps3. lets see who wins, all you will get is hd videos filled to the brim because your tired weak old system would throw chunks if it tried to handle anything other than that. 512x512 textures is your MO you wanna compete buy a PS4 otherwise stop defending the 800lb elephant in the room.

debian_zac2453d ago

umm than they can put out a blu ray version for pc

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killerhog2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

oh there he is again... good 'ol johny boy puffing up the ps3 version.. wait... where has he done this before?? oh, thats right.. rage..., and he didnt deliver then had the effrontery to talk crap about the ps3 and the ps3 limitations.

ProjectVulcan2460d ago

More data = better game! Actually Tetris is a better game than RAGE and that will fit in a couple dozen kilobytes.

RAGE was a bit of a letdown lets face it. Doom 3 was a great game. Lets hope Id don't get hung up fiddling the technology again instead of perfecting the game.

Maybe RAGE will have helped. One can hope that they can take that experience and work and make good use of of it with Doom 4.

Clipper132460d ago

I remember all that crap, I also remember how underwhelmed I felt when the textures literally pop in right in front of you!

thedude442460d ago

i hope this time he gets it right.

KontryBoy7062460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

Could have not said it better myself. Screw this dude. He did the same with RAGE. Oh PS3 has this and that we are going to take advantage of the cell and blu ray then he comes back and complains about the PS3 and how it's the "2nd" best console. He just blowing smoke like he did already. Killzone still looks better and it's textures don't crumble. Oh and it does have a STORY! Who knew?!

Ducky2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

To be fair, some journalists misunderstood his comments on RAGE (either accidentally or on purpose)

There were articles about how RAGE would use all 8 of the PS3's SPEs or it'd be using some uber texture pack on the PS3, etc.
... and some people just ate up all those articles expecting it to be true.

I can't say I've ever seen Carmack talk 'crap' about any platform. He just states facts or his point of view.
PCs have overhead, PS3 has segmented/tight memory (which is something even Sony acknowledges and used as an excuse for not having cross-game chat), 360 has less raw performance than PS3. None of these is really talking 'crap', it's just the reality of each platform.

mokopa2459d ago

Jonny boy is like the old crooked American medicine men selling sugar water. He overhype his products to please his bosses and venture capitals and when the poo hit the fan, he blames his platform. Believe you me, Doom 4 will fail like Rage for one reason only: Jonny boy is a techbench geek who cares nothing about the story.

wolfofashes2459d ago

FatOldMan you are absolutely right ,John NEVER liked PS3's architecture nor said that there was something inside the console he would give special attention to other that BD.He hates the Cell,to the point that second to him is a thing he does not want to see next gen,nor anything like it.
When he talks about bigger resolution assets on BD he is not saying it's quality on screen per see(detail),he is talking about the size of the only texture that goes over the world,that's right ONE.So that means that even more art will be incorporated at the game,id Tech 5's objective is to make it possible not to repeat any texture in the while world!
About the article,yeah it would be awesome!But first I want him to fix the engine for the PS3,he is not doing anything special with the SPU's (according to himself,only ''special'' thing running there is a piece of code to uncompress the data faster) and I believe streaming still can be improved.

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Crazyglues2460d ago

well that's good news, because I remember reading something here on this site that said they were holding off on Doom 4...

-because Rage didn't do so well...

Good to see it's back on, and that they will add content to the blu-ray edition... Real Nice.


pedo_across-the-road2459d ago

I swear this guy hates the Playstation, or did micrsoft not pay him his weekly bribe.

DeathAvengers2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

Wow, a MS is evil and pays people to trash the other console comment, real original. Why don't YOU stop paying your drones to click agree on your ignorant comments.

ChrisW2459d ago

Derp! BluRay doesn't meaning anything for PC gamers... Especially when they have Direct2Drive or STEAM.

As for the Xbox... Don't really care.

Vynzent2455d ago

I can't believe people will disagree with that, seems console gamers don't know squat about PC's.

Hard drives can hold FAR more than blu-ray, and at FAR better quality, compression isn't even needed.

I expect the PC version to have more than the PS3 version, or I will have a little talk with Carmack...

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xer02460d ago

I am excited to hear that it's coming out this generation but a part of me wants to see Doom 4 on Next Gen hardware... with all the talk that's going on.

richierich2460d ago

I agree I would expect Doom4 to be a next-gen title

Horny2460d ago

Ya seriously I hope its pushed back. Release it November 2013 for next gen systems.

Unfortunatly this won't happen due to the huge user base of the ps3 and 360 they will be guaranteed more sales for probably less effort then programing for new hardware.

Soldierone2459d ago

Release it for both. Release a next generation version, then "strip it down" and also release a current gen one. You will get sales from both.

A LOT of titles do this every generation early on.

Jio2460d ago

While this does sound interesting, I don't know if it'll be a good game. Rage wasn't all it was hyped up to be and Doom 3 (in my opinion) was boring. But if it turns out to be a great game, I'll be buying it.

GamingTruth2460d ago

there has been no current gen doom AND ps2 never got doom 3 nor did ps3 so there needs to be a current gen doom especially carmack now knows alot more about ps3 and 360

JsonHenry2460d ago

Yes, because PC gamers don't do Digital Sales or have no problem with more than one DVD to install.. and have been that way for YEARS.

The only reason it will have more data on the PS3 is because they won't have to compress it and the file size will be larger. It will still be the same data (and less because of higher rez textures on the PC version) than what the other two platforms get.

solar2460d ago

Also PC's arent moddable to include a blu ray drive.

StifflerK2460d ago

...... my PC has one .

PC's don't have a fixed architecture - you can pretty much build them however you want.

Blu ray has been available for PC's for a while , see:-

caboose322460d ago

What the?!?!

Yea they can.... simply buy a blue ray drive and install it...

GamingTruth2460d ago

yeah but you cant play ps3s blue ray games oh well

Shackdaddy8362460d ago

Wow. I cant believe 3 idiots agreed to that comment...

OpenGL2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

My laptop has a Blu-ray drive that is 2x faster than the one in the PS3.

Also Rage on the PC is over 21GB so space is not an issue.

bozebo2460d ago

Yeah the quote was talking about PS3 in relation to 360 obviously the site just took it out of context to flame.

Hudahudahuda2459d ago

He was being sarcastic, you imbeciles.

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Zha1tan2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

When i play a PC game I DL off steam in about a half hour or install the compressed disc data in under 5 mins (Strong HDD Writing).

When I want to play a blu ray game or movie I change the channel on my monitor.....

You mirin brah?

Shoasura2459d ago

I never thought I'd see a /fit/ reference on n4g.

I believe I've seen everything now.