Kingdoms of Amalur: 'Skyrim and Oblivion are the same game. We want to take RPGs in a new direction'

Big Huge Games on why it's about to take the RPG world by storm...

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Rage_S903432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

I actually agree with them there, the only difference that really stands out are dragons, dual wielding, better graphics, some flashy finishes and a change of setting.

Kingdoms sounds like an ambitious game, but of course I'll hold off the PR talk till i see some actual gameplay. God knows how many game's I've seen talked up only to disappoint.

Baka-akaB3432d ago

Only partially true . They had enough refinement , changes or plain "dumbification" for someone like me who couldnt stand the elder scrolls (except the truly revolutionary daggerfall back then ) to change its mind .

And i know it's the same for many others

Army_of_Darkness3432d ago

And already, I think its better than skyrim and dragon age in every way. Not much demos impress me enough to get excited for a game, but KOA did and I can't wait!

Baka-akaB3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

I dunno , i await Amalur only because i could see more of it beyond the demo .

The demo was very generic hack slash fanfare and starts with a very annoying mini tutorial sequence a la Fable 3 , and it didnt make it feel like a must have game , while later parts are much better .

Add in numerous bugs that arent even in later builds of the game , and you've got a demo imo that disservice the game , and could ultimately harm its release . Hoping i'm wrong however

lastdual3432d ago

The problem is that, by these standards, the same generalizations can be made about almost every sequel. If Oblivion and Skyrim are "the same game", then the same must also be said for virtually every series out there.

Amalur looks promising in many respects, but I honestly wish it borrowed a bit more from games like TES in respect to freedom of exploration.

Things like the invisible walls, lack of jumping, and inability to cross a low patch of rocks or swim in certain pools unless they are designated swimming areas leave the world feeling very constrained and artificial to me.

Spydiggity3431d ago

I don't think their intent was to say that as if it's a bad thing. I think what they are trying to do is just grab attention from western RPG fans that might be tired of the Elder Scrolls formula. Or are just looking for something different.

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Zha1tan3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

The interface, The number of dungeons, The quality of the dungeons, The dragon shouts, The plotline, The side Quests, The Quests, The Characters, Werewolves, The Creatures, The vampires, The lore.....The Spells, The skill system, The fast Travel....

Sorry There is a whole lot more which is "different."

These people who underexaggerate how a game is not different.....really what did you want them to do? completely change the base gameplay? Well then it wouldn't have been an elder scrolls game.

Kingdoms demo is good but Skyrim is SIMILAR (obviously being so since its part of the series) but NOT the same as Oblivion.

Captain Qwark 93432d ago

-most dragon shouts were spells before anyway, spells that were now cut

-the interface is decent but its just an interface, nothing to get excited over

-dungeons were lame, they looked better than they used to but the were still boring to explore and in most cases only had one trap which was a swinging door

-plotline is okay

-side quests were beat, factions quests were short and the worst they have ever been

-vampires and werewolves were done in morrowind, 2 games ago but i did welcome their return

-the creatures? there about 7 different things to kill total, and no 15 variations of bandits and mages dont count

-skill system? they cut too many but it was an improved design

-fast travel? been there in oblivion and it was in morrowind too to some degree, you just had to ride the giant creatures

not much different dude, and what was was not very important or impressive. duel weilding was nice but the melee is still weak

Zha1tan3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

Sorry brah we are talking about how Skyrim is SIMILAR to Oblivion.

- Most? sorry exaggeration spotted

- DIfferent though, we are talking about differences right?

- Thats a subjective opinion

- Once again subjective

- Once again subjective

- You could not be a werewolf in morrowind

- Still new and different

- Skill system, they cut what was useless like acrobatics & Hand to hand combat which btw nobody used but as soon as they were cut....que...nerd rage.

- Did I say fast travel was not in those games? was it different? yes it was.

You seem to be confusing "different" with what was and was not there, Different could be the same thing done in a alternative way.....

U mad brah?

Captain Qwark 93432d ago


you couldnt be a werewolf in morrowind???? weird becuase i was, it was added with an expansion bloodmoon. it was not however in oblivion

Zha1tan3432d ago


Added in an expansion to the original game, has there been an expansion for Skyrim yet?! No there has not.

Invalid point sir.

Anything else?

suicidalblues3432d ago

@ zartan (or whatever your name is)

I negged you for writing "u mad brah" just because that is a seriously gay saying. Both of your opinions had merit, but you sound like a tool in your reply.

schlanz3432d ago

The article title is taken out of context.

"As far as Ken competing with his own parallel reality, for him, after Oblivion, I think he was done. Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, they're all great games, and I think they're progressively better, but they're all the same game. It's not like they're radically changing with time. I think he wanted to do something new."

Of course the games are different because there are improvements made to them with each new game, but for the most part they play out the same way. That's not meant to be a dig or jab at the series, its just calling it what it is. And from a designer standpoint, its probably refreshing to take on a fantasy game that takes an entirely different approach, not the same approach with a few different tweaks.

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MariaHelFutura3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )


That could be said about ANY game series.....

MariaHelFutura3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

Thinking about it, the only game series I can think of that has had a complete overhaul game to game is Ico, SOTC and TLG. SOTC being a prequel to Ico and I think TLG is also a prequel to Ico, but the sequel to SOTC. Regardless, between SOTC and Ico they are both entirely different game design and mechanics, while following the same story line.



At the end of SOTC, he gets reborn into Ico, the woman you brought to the temple to rebirth looks to be Yorda. In Ico, Yorda is always brought back by the "black dust" which ironically is the same power that brought her back to life in SOTC. In Ico, Ico has been banished from his village, for being evil and growing/having horns. What he did to get kicked out of his village, I imagine will be have something to do with the TLG, he looks a lot like Ico. Plus TLG is the colossus in TLG. In SOTC you kill all of the colossi, he I imagine the last one.

Baka-akaB3432d ago

Well it's not even a serie , and the links between both are vague plot points and mostly hints , so yeah ...

hellzsupernova3432d ago

I agree to and with the lag issue im over Skyrim even when they release the patch. this game i will see what reviews say before deciding

Gamer19823431d ago

Same engine does that to you really Fallout uses the same engine too. Its Skyrim with guns lol in a sense anyway its not literally that but playing it you feel like your playing the same game.

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SP3333D-O3432d ago

One huge difference for me: I hated Oblivion but love Skyrim. I'd love for anything to be as good as or better than Skyrim, different or not.

Drake1173432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

lol yet again people trying to compare 2 different games. Dark souls is not "better" it just cater to a dif crowd than skyrim. If u played demon souls then other then a slightly more open world dark souls is exactly the same.
this is also in reply to tanir under my comment.

Ser3432d ago


One thing that Dark Souls DOES do better than Skyrim/TES is COMBAT.

You can't argue that.

The combat in Dark Souls is silky sooth. Whereas in Skyrim/TES...yeah, not so smooth. I feel like I'm swinging two mechanical arms.

Drake1173432d ago

Very true but yet again that is DS main focus.

TopDudeMan3431d ago

Anyone who disagreed with BiggCMan's comment could do with being given a wake up slap. I love skyrim, but dark souls is just the better game.

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Tanir3432d ago

yeah dude play dark souls lol. far better than Skyrim. Skyrim is fun, but its exactly the same game as morrowind and oblivion. i mean thats not that bad, but you know, if you want something fresh aswell

Nintenuendo3432d ago

Not to nitpick, but it is most certainly NOT the same game as Morrowind.

Oblivion, yeah, I'll give you that. Though I did like Skyrim more than Oblivion for some reason.

Baka-akaB3432d ago

Both are great and vastly different with their own quality . It would be one thing to argue about one or the other if they had the same content and one of the two played and looked better , but it's not the case here .

BiggCMan3432d ago

I think Dark Souls plays and looks better graphically. I like Skyrim, it's just really easy, and I don't particularly like that in my RPG's, and I think that's why it's so popular, it's easy to get into for more casual gamers.

Baka-akaB3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

I also think DS looks and play better . But it's smaller in scope and doesnt feature as much content . Plus modding is a very important aspect in Skyrim ... heck it's a whole new game .

A meager mod such as "War in Skyrim" transfigure it . it basically insirt random , yet logical skirmishs and battles between the various creatures and npc . Imagine a farming village defending itself against a troll attack ?

And that's only one mod

Things would be different if DS had everything Skyrim could offer on top of the already superior gameplay . Then it would flat out win every times

fabod863432d ago

can't wait to try it...
it seams promising.

Brixxer6003432d ago

I love Skyrim and i really enjoyed Oblivion , after playing the demo of Kingdoms i know i'm going to really like it aswell , it's all good as far as i'm concerned.

solidboss3432d ago

i remember a friend of mines telling me to play oblivion in his house back in 06. he told me i would like it and after creating my character and playing the intro i just quit to the dashboard. idk what it was but i just plain didnt like oblivion it didnt hook me in. skyrim was the game changer in all of this. literally made my mind do a 180 to the elder scrolls series and opened me up to a world that i love.

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