Phoenix Down 49.2 – Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

The journey comes to an end.

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InMyOpinion1853d ago

Would LOVE to see a sequel to this brilliant game. Wouldn't mind a remake for current gen systems either.

Hypnotic1853d ago

Last I heard this studio went out of business so I would think a remaster is pretty unlikely.

InMyOpinion1851d ago

Never say never, Darksiders 2 got a remaster.

gtxgamer21853d ago

What an underrated game

phantomexe1853d ago

I think EA owns the rights to it now. I loved the game as well. A rare gem overlooked.

rezzah1853d ago

Went into a cave for a mission...Mission glitches and I can't start the mission or exit the cave...Auto save and manual saves are within the cave....I messed up so bad I quit. Really good game though.

hazelamy1852d ago

such a great game, shame about the studio.
to produce something of that quality as their first title, just imagine what they could have done with more experience.