Five New Features For The Xbox 720

Al from StickTwiddlers lists five new features coming to the Xbox 720 after interrogating a Microsoft employee.

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AgentWD402454d ago

"Rather then confusing the current generation of user with yet another disc format, Microsoft have decided to keep the current format of digital disc.
Instead, the Xbox 720 will have 2 disc trays, each holding 2 discs, enabling the user to insert up to 4 discs at a time which new games will have to come on. This saves the user having to swap them out and potentially scratching one of them".

lol my favourite

Bounkass2454d ago

How do the know? I lol'd.

h311rais3r2454d ago

And yet another one of these. Stop submitting this trash

richierich2454d ago

Multi disc drives pfffft

kma2k2454d ago

Come on guys this is obviously a joke.

Having read the article i couldnt help but throw in my kinect actually does read my dog when she wags her tail in front of the tv, its funny to see the kinect registsering her tail & right leg lol

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