Pac-Man Hands-On

Gamespot check out the Xbox Live Arcade version of Namco's classic pellet-popper. Namco Bandai's upcoming Xbox 360 version of Pac-Man was recently made available for download on the "PartnerNet" test version of Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade service.

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OutLaw5832d ago

Galaga and this should be package together. I would like to say I would miss these games, but Namco is always making classics for every system from the snes till now. So it's like playing these games every other year.

shotty5832d ago

Its nice that the arcade games are modernized to work nicely on next gen consoles. Like integration with xbox live, better visuals and use of xbox 360 resources like custon soundtracks. I think nintendo is taking the other approach by giving gamers the raw game, basically a straight port of the old console version but the benefit is they can spit out more games in a small amount of time

Schmitty075832d ago

This and Galaga! My dreams have come true