Pac Man + Ms Pac Man Retro Arcade vs Atari 2600 vs Atari 5200 vs Atari 7800 vs NES vs Colecovision

Today we take on the King and Queen of all video games. Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man. With the huge popularity of these arcade games, gave birth to lots of ports in the 80's and still on to this day. That is the impact Pac Man had and still does. Everyone knows who Pac Man is!

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You've Enjoyed Game Pass' Day-One Releases; Now It's Time To Pay The Piper

As exciting as Game Pass' Day-One releases are, sustaining it all is easier said than done; the price hike was all but inevitable.

LG_Fox_Brazil17h ago

Ain't paying jack. MS were the ones who put themselves into this situation

Jin_Sakai17h ago

No thanks. I’ll stick with PlayStation and Nintendo.

Obscure_Observer12h ago

Imo, Gamepass is just too good to ignore so I don´t give damn about the price hike.

As an Ultimate subscriber since day one, I´ll stick with Ultimate and play many of the most exciting and amazing upcoming AAA games from both XGS and third party developers day one!

Let´s go!

purple10128m ago

imagine subscribing for all these years in wait for greatness, then being served up Luke warm Starfail and Redfail and a bug filled Forza 8, with less tracks than the older one,

all while paying $15, for months on end,

Einhander19727h ago

I bet the standard tier turn into the wasteland that games with gold was before they turned it into game pass so they wouldn't have to give away monthly games or anything you could keep and boost subscribers numbers so Phil could release numbers months after they said they weren't going to reveal numbers anymore. (totally not another lie of course...)


Xbox Game Pass Is About To Be Flooded With Day One Titles, But Will It Be Enough?

Xbox Game Pass growth has stalled lately and if the back half of 2024s lineup can’t change that, perhaps nothing will

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purple1016h ago(Edited 6h ago)

"Age Of Mythology Retold
Ara History Untold (PC)
Flight Sim 2024
Call Of Duty Black Ops 6
Indiana Jones And The Great Circle

yeh the flood is more of a shallow stream meandering through a dried up creek

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ThinkThink2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

STALKER 2, hollow knight: Silksong and Ark 2 are a few more day 1 on gamepass I believe.

Profchaos1h ago

Cod, and indie the rest won't register for any casual

DivineHand1251h ago

Lookup the games that are going to be added this month. Games from 3rd party publishers also get day one releases on gamepass.

itsmebryan1h ago

Can you please list all the day one games coming to Playstation Plus? So, we can compare.

Thanks in advance

purple10140m ago

no because ps plus doesn't really do day one games,

I think there was 'Stray', '& Sifu' might have been one, a couple others., smaller AA games,

enjoy your price hikes,

il enjoy to buy my games outright

have a great day

brotherdarryl16m ago

"il enjoy to buy my games outright'

You can buy your games too on both Xbox and PC as well, day one. It's called having options.

Please continue to do what Sony TELLS YOU is of good value or not. Whether being able to buy their games on PC years later or just like they told you EA Play had no value for years and not letting its customers decide... until THEY decided to add the option.

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Hofstaderman2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

Day one for which Tier??? Be specific because there is a paywall now. Methinks MS is disingenuous.

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darthv721h ago

There's always been a paywall... where you been?

Elda2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

The only first party titles being released this year on XB Gamepass Ultimate I won't mind playing is the campaign of COD. I will try Indiana Jones to see what it's giving, though the gameplay trailers haven't really given me any hype.I will try Stalker 2 as well. 2025 looks to be the better year for Gamepass.

jznrpg2h ago

I could see another price hike next year

2h ago
Elda2h ago

You may be right. 3 times I bought a year sub on CD keys or Electronic First, I saved at least $68 each year. After September it will increase, I'm going to buy another year next month before the gauge.

Reaper22_2h ago

Gamepass is still the best deal in gaming. Love it!

ChasterMies1h ago

At $240/year, nope. I don’t think I’ve ever spend that much on games in one year.

itsmebryan1h ago

You don't play 3 games a year?

purple10155m ago

240 ÷ 3 = $80.,

you buy games at $80

if so, il dm you my number, Ive got a good investment opportunity I think you'd be perfect for.

itsmebryan31m ago

Most people pay tax So, it's close. But, would it help to ask if they don't play more than 3 games a year?

VersusDMC33m ago

Well you have to specify that Gamepass Ultimate is the best deal in gaming as PS essential and Extra are better deals than Gamepass Core and Standard(without day one games now)

TheColbertinator1h ago

I would bite for a month if that new NCAA was there for PC Game Pass


Game Pass Price Hike Continues Trend of Confusing Messaging From Xbox

After Failing To Properly Address Its Third-Party Releases, Xbox Is Repeating The Same Mistake of Vague Messaging About Its Future!

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