Naruto Storm Generation - DEMO Review

From what can see in the demo and play it on my ps3, much has changed. The game has no focus on the mode of operation, its focus is the struggle. Changes will contribute to a better gameplay in Naruto Storm 2, it was a struggle based jutsus spears against the enemy. With the new replacement system, no more "spamming substitution." Havaliem the video!

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MariaHelFutura2455d ago

You shouldn't be reviewing demos, this should be reported.

RedDead2454d ago

The demo shoulda had split screen, every fighting game demo should

Tokyo_reject2454d ago

Wow....really dude, your Reviewing a demo and basing your decision on the game threw a "demo" .......god im saying this a lot lately to you "article writers" but....i hope you didnt quit your day job...