Why Japanese Vita Sales Should Not Concern Us

8bitfix writes: Some people are probably concerned about purchasing the PS Vita when they hear about the sales in Japan. Let me explain to you why I think this should not be a concern of ours.

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MariaHelFutura2461d ago

They should have launched in NA & EU first, the launch line up is better suited for them.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2461d ago

They didn't have enough units made to launch here. They struggled to get those 500,000 in Japan. And they still haven't shipped any more.

darthv722461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

that if something does well in one area then it should do equally well in another. Completely untrue. The buying habits of one territory do not dictate the buying habits of another. That is personal choice.

As the mfg, they obviously would like things to sell well across the board but sometimes that just doesnt happen. Most of it is the appeal of what that product offers. You dont buy something because you like the company. You buy something because you like the product or the potential the product represents.

Companies dont simply give up if their product is not well received. They try to find ways to increase appeal. In gaming it would be through the games themselves. So far it seems the games available are not that appealing but that does not mean there will never be any that do.

I can recall that Sega did better in the US with the Genesis than in JP. And Nintendo was the opposite. Both did well respectfully as a whole but it shows that each one had a certain appeal to the consumers of that territory. If I also recall, Europe was pretty diverse in accepting both.

rexbolt2461d ago

That's far from true. for one thing take a look at the over all numbers it has not even reached it reached 500,000 already or close to if I'm not mistake and why wouldn't sony ship anymore? another thing is if this was the case i don't think retailers would unofficially be reducing the price 17% in japan

MmaFan-Qc2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

@rexbolt price drop in japan was only on the 3G models and it was a decision made by some retail stores and not sony, simply because they were out of stock on the wifi version.

btw, just wait to see a monster hunter or persona to hit japan....all it need is a game that will sell to the japanese nation. the 3ds took some time to have good games, same will go with the vita, so the "oh mah gawdddd, the vita is doomd since it doesnt have better sale than the 3ds" is pretty much a waste of internet space.

WooHooAlex2461d ago

Exactly, not to mention that Nintendo pulled out all their big releases in the same window as the Vita launch.

LOGICWINS2461d ago

Assuming that Vita sells poorly in the U.S., what would be the excuse then?

WooHooAlex2461d ago

No excuse.
Anyone expecting it to break sales records will be disappointed. It was never going to appeal to the mass market out of the gate. For the first few years it will be geared towards hardcore gamers. Its going to be a slow burner, but that doesn't mean it won't do well.

I was talking strictly in Japan. It wasn't a great launch for Japan because majority of the games were aimed towards a western audience and do you really think its a coincidence that Mario Kart 7, Mario Land and Monster Hunter all came out around the same time the Vita launched?

user39039992461d ago

Chevy sucks in Japan, should Americans not buy Chevy because Japanese don't like it?

MasterCornholio2461d ago

Xbox sucks in Japan, should Americans not buy an Xbox360 because the Japanese don't like it?

I think this is a way better example that relates to gaming.


SlipperyMooseCakes2461d ago

Well, not really. The Vita is a Japanese product, the Xbox is not. The PSP's biggest market was Japan and as of right now, the Vita is not filling those shoes.

I'm interested in the Vita but I have to admit what I have seen so far does not bode well for the handheld. Not to even mention the price of Uncharted in the U.S. is slated to be $50.

LOGICWINS2461d ago

@MasterCornholio- But you neglect to factor in that dedicated portable gaming consoles are generally more popular in Japan than in the U.S.

The 360 isn't a fair analogy.

pat_11_52461d ago

That's an intersting theory.. I think the results might be the same over here though.

SpoonyRedMage2461d ago

No, I think people should be a least a bit concerned. There was a lot of quality Japanese software made for the PSP due to how successful it was.

More importantly people can't just say "It'll be fine, look at 3DS." Sony can't rest on their laurels and need to be working as hard as possible, securing content and raising awareness.

tl;dr Sony has to be on the top of their games right now.

Stealth2k2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

I see alot of retarded comments here

1) first year sales dont matter in any region. They really dont. Ask the ds, 3ds,gba,nes snes,psp, psx, ps2 or any top Selling system about that

2) they launched in japan to control costs and stock


3) The psp had one of the best launch lineups ever. The vita does not. Sorry but I will take metal gear acid, twisted metal, darkstalkers, ape escape, lumines over uncharted any day of the week. It isnt a region thing, its an amount of original exclusives thing

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