Rayman Origins headed to PC, pre-orders will net you a free digital game

Rayman Origins is headed to PC on March 29. Hit the link to find out about its availability on digital download services, an included free game, and DRM.

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Pikajew2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Awesome. I was waiting for this to come to PC. and no DRM :)

This will probably be 30$ on Steam like Sonic Generations.

bradtramel2509d ago

Yeah, that sounds like a likely price.
It's a great game and deserves all the recognition it can get. Hopefully its release on PC and handhelds will boost its sales.

jaidek2509d ago

By far one of the best platformers ever created. Glad to see PC users can experience it!

italianbreadman2506d ago

Wow. After that acclaim, I HAVE to play it.

Sobari2509d ago

Was gonna get the 3DS version, but since I always go with the PC version of a game first, looks like I'm changing my plans.

bradtramel2509d ago

I think you'll be satisfied with the game either way. It really is one of the gems of 2011 that fell under the radar.