PlayThree review Singstar on the PS3 - and sing its praises

How many times have you watched the latest pop sensation warbling their latest hit and felt certain that you could do better? If you've ever harboured the secret belief hope that you could be a stadium class singer if only you had the opportunity, Singstar gives you the chance to find out just how good, or bad, you really are.

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Maddens Raiders4740d ago

on giving. Great score for a very cool party game. Can't wait to air my videos. 8D

Capt CHAOS4740d ago

Karaoke was bad enough with alcohol down the pub.. but at home and sober??

bootsielon4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

It's not "LOL AAA = 9.0 METACR!TIC LOL" as Xbots would say, but that doesn't really matter (and Assassin's Creed proves it).

I've played this game already at EGS, and man, it's PURE FUN. It's a must buy for PS3 owners, Karaoke lovers, American Idol fans, Youtube netizens, and casual gamers. I predict that the install base for this game will be 60% female, 40% male.