SingStar is Free to Download on PS4 & Full of New Features

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a singing superstar in your very own living room, you might want to consider downloading SingStar on your PlayStation console today!

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bouzebbal2011d ago

Singstar has been for free for over a year.
There are no songs in it just demos.
You need to go to the singstore buy songs.

fei-hung2011d ago

Songs you purchased in the PS3 SingStar from psn carry over. Just have to download them again onto your PS4.

bouzebbal2011d ago

are you sure about that?
i think songs are linked to the PS3 they have been downloaded on first time.
I remember i had to call customer service for help.

fei-hung2010d ago

I'm sure, that's how I did it on my PS4. There were articles about this when SingStar first launched on PS4. All the songs I purchased on my PS3 via PSN I simply redownloaded.

bouzebbal2010d ago

Thank you. Im going to try that.

etebitan2010d ago

yeah I redownloaded everything too..

user66660472010d ago

I remember this crap being glued to my ps3s homescreen.