Postal 3 Review | says: "Running With Scissors, the developers behind Postal and its sequel, have finally released the third game in the series, but does the grotesque violence and campy humor (and I use that term loosely) still have the same appeal as it did in 2003?"

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scotchmouth2509d ago

When the original came out it was slightly original. Taking a stab at what was then a media blitz about the shootings in a post office. It should have never been more then 1 game. They don't really know what to do with this franchise. 2 was a disaster but hey.... its cool because you can pee on people.

The games look like a rough draft from someone who is learning video game design but skipping the classes. I was surprised to learn that a third was in the works. I am less surprised with the zero rating.

Good review though. This is a game that should be retired.