Wii U Might Release By Christmas Time

Nintendo hints at an investors briefing about Wii U release date

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BrutallyBlunt2457d ago

Well if they have no direct competition it might make more sense to release in the latter part of the year. Gives more time to launch titles.

MariaHelFutura2457d ago

It WILL release by and probably right for Xmas. The Wii was the "hot item" for xmas when it released, I'd imagine Nintendo wants to try to repeat that.

Tenkay232456d ago

My wallet hates me too. So does my Visa.

doctorstrange2457d ago

They said it'd release this year. They wouldn't release it after Christmas.

Crillvirus812457d ago

No it's going to come out before thanksgiving cause that's when family's are together so more people get to see it and play with the first wii was released on nov 17 and they will do it again around that date I'll say nov 18 2012 cause it's the Friday right before Xmas and it will be word of mouth all over again