They Don’t Make Em Like They Used To – Oversimplifying Modern Video Games

DJP's Chris writes:

"It’s 1998 and I’m in a room with the only light being a 17 inch CRT monitor that I’m sitting way to close to. My hand is glued to the mouse while my fingers hover over the Q and W buttons on my keyboard. Everything I have done for the past two hours has been leading up to this point, my teams are ready, stacked at their doors all waiting for my signal. The time is right and it’s now or never. I press the buttons and I hear the words “Alpha Go”, “Bravo Go”. My heart stops and then I hear “Tangos Down”. I breathe a sigh of relief and open the door in front of me, BANG, my character drops like a stone. It’s all over again for the fourth time that day."

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bozebo3363d ago

There are plenty of complex, rewarding new games.

Yeah, sure, a lot of great series have become simplified - but there are new replacements to them appearing all the time (which will no doubt become simplified in the future and the cycle will continue).

It's up to the devs (actually, more likely the publishers/shareholders). If you don't like it - don't buy it.


We don't... And then the dev's and publishers wonder why the game flops. The publishers give the dev's the stick and a studio gets shutdown.

We didn't ask them to simplify everything...

h311rais3r3363d ago

Name some games that come remotely close to the original ghost recon and r6. Don't mention arma cuz it just makes it complicated by having a button for every joint in your body...

Fylus3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

I Love Arma so much. You're comment is so true though lol.

Winkle923363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

I imagine most people here already realize this, but I'll say it anyway--- Simplifying games is an inevitable effect of the progression of video games from it's relatively niche and "nerd-centered" past. Remember, only 15 years ago, video games were considered the exception rather than the norm in terms of social interaction. These days, everyone from your little sister to your grandma plays some sort of video game. As a result, the market has, like everything else that becomes mainsteam, had to stay as 'moderate' in terms of content (and controls) so it can to appeal not just to the gamers who know their stuff, but now society in general.
Everything tends toward the average, video games are no exception.