Nerdemic Review: The Darkness 2 Demo

With the official release a few weeks away, Daniel tries his hand at The Darkness 2 demo.

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GilesCorey2509d ago

We're reviewing demos now? Huh...

Fylus2509d ago

Pretty pathetic, sure; but that demo was still insanely fun!

Moragami2509d ago

This guy was way more impressed than I was. Maybe if I'd played the first one, but that never came to PC...

I still thought it was interesting, if the writing and voice acting is good, I'll buy it, eventually.

Kakihara2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

I'm pretty sure the story will be good. It's written by the same guy who wrote the first one (which had a fantastic story) and also wrote by far the best issues of the Darkness comic (The first story arc of Volume 2 is pretty close to the story of the first game and well worth reading if you can find it).

Edit - you should probably read the very last issue of The Darkness volume one too, that's the issue Jenkins used to relaunch the comic from a campy superhero adventure to the dark supernatural mobster tale it was in the first game and contains the biggest story event you'd need to know from the first game before playing this one (only one or two characters were changed around for the game i.e. Uncle Frankie became Uncle Paulie etc but that's probably not too important to have to know) You can obtain copies of these comics in a not strictly legal way if you're interested. Not that I'm suggesting you do that or that I did that myself. I'll just say you should try and check them out if you can't play the first game. They'll give you a TORRENT of information that will help you enjoy this one more.

h311rais3r2509d ago

Why not review demos? It is available to the public to be viewed as a representation.

GribbleGrunger2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

because some demos do not do the game justice. so a review could give a game 2/10 when it deserves 9/10. why not review game videos? that's there for the public to be viewed isn't it? and why stop there... how about in game pics, there also there for public viewing. sorry, but that argument doesn't hold up to scrutiny

Basjohn2509d ago


Totally calling dibs on reviewing delay announcements and patches.

Pintheshadows2509d ago

I'll bagsy reviewing the art printed on discs and the aesthetics of developer logos.