Diagnosing Video Game Injuries, Second Opinion

Alex of Gamer Assault Weekly and The Doctor are back for another installment into the Video Game Medical Journal of Injuries. In this piece The Doctor diagnoses 6 medical cases in gaming.

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VRex72240d ago

I love this series, it's always interesting to read, this is just the best - "Alex: It’s a win by knockout for Nathan Drake. The Doctor: Nathan who?"

nick47612240d ago

This was probably the most fun and informative piece I have read in a while. I feel sorry for that guy's butt though...

Edgetroll2240d ago

"Alex: Let’s stick to the medicine, what’s happening here to this guy’s butt?"

If this is the last thing I ever read I'm ok with that.

VRex72240d ago

The whole thing is pretty funny yet disturbingly serious.

aeriksen2240d ago

I'm thinking anything from Sniper Elite for the next one, anyone else got any ideas?